Embracing His Glory #7 (#755)

This is our continuing Tuesday series where Wayne explores the process of transformation of moving us from "glory to ever-increasing glory".  Drawn from the book of John, Wayne unveils how Jesus did this in a relational engagement with his followers, and how he wants to do that in us as well.  This week he talks about how Jesus pokes a hole in our pretensions and how by following him we can embrace the light he offers us.  


  1. Thanks Wayne for this series…very thought provoking and I find that I’m seeig a little bit more. Sue

  2. I am just amazed at the patience of God in His dealings with me.
    I certainly see dimly as through a glass as He well knows. He persists in walking me out of my blindnesses… my pretenses as you said. I love that word picture of Abba poking holes in the illusions I hold. Yes, it’s always clumsy and frustrating at first, but oh the freedom that comes out of it!
    I have lost so much in the world; finances, reputation, position, but I do count the richness of life in Christ Jesus of FAR more value than any or all of it.
    Christ, who IS our life, is worth it all…

  3. Wayne, This has, as you said been the best yet on Tuesday podcast. The more I walk with Jesus the more I realize that my heart is directly connected to my tear ducts. I felt my eyes flooding as I listened to you talk today. The still, small voice, within me saying, “Yes, Listen. I AM inviting you to a place where I will care for you. I also will really mess with you pretensions.” I had heard many years back Bob Mumford say that he had asked God why it took 40 years for him to get what he needed to hear and God’s response was “because I could not get it done in 39 years.” I loved you very close example of the same thing. He, Father is building in us blocks that will take time for us to trust him. Our failure to get it the first time or even the 45th time does not bother him. He has all the time to watch us grow into the grace needed to see what it is we need to see. Lovely, just lovely.

  4. Thank you so much Wayne for the openness with which you share these realities. Thank you for presenting the gospel with disarming authenticity, and yes without all the frills and props that we have come to believe it needs to be embellished with.

  5. Wayne,

    I could so relate to what the Lord was saying to you in those early moments of your train derailment, if you will let go and follow me, I have so much for you to learn.

    One Sunday morning back in around 2005 while at the institution, I clearly heard Father say these words to me, “You can stay and die or, you can go and live.”
    It is necessary to point out here that what was spoken to me was not an indictment upon any of my siblings in Christ, all I knew was, he had my attention, staying and dying didn’t sound promising, but going and living as good as that sounded I hadn’t the faintest idea what that would look like, so, I chose to follow His lead, I refuse to drive forward only looking in the rear view mirror.

    Thank you Wayne for Living out what Father has and continues to make real in you with us.


  6. Thanks Wayne. The “Wayne Journey” continues to be an inspiration and encouragement to me (and clearly to many others) in what is so often a really challenging ‘journey’ with Yeshua and each other. We are encouraged by your courage to leave behind your ‘country’ like Abram to follow your heavenly dad’s leading – no matter what the cost – and that it was your loving ‘master’ who called is clearly demonstrated in who you have become and what you have done for Yahweh’s children in these last days.
    Thanks brother…..

  7. Thank you so much for sharing these Wayne. I am loving this series. I was fortunate to have last week off from work. Each day I spent around 20 minutes catching up on these. This one (#7) was my favorite. I’ve had several people lately tell me they were struggling with what to do with all the truths they know but just are not experiencing. I am in that boat often as well, and I pointed them to these podcasts as I have found them to be very helpful for where I am at right now. Your willingness to share your own experiences and insight during this series has been perfect timing for those of us seeking to connect with the reality of Him loving us.

  8. why do we all want to be somebody?
    Jesus brothers said. Don’t stay in Galilee. You should got to Judea all will be at the feast. No one who wants to become a public figure acts in secret. Show them the miracles you can do. Show the world.
    In Matt.4:9 Satan showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and said I will give them to you if you will bow down and worship him.
    Every one wants to be some body and no one wants to be a nobody. All strive for the best positions and to be the first above all .
    Isaiah 42.1 Behold my servant God said in whom my soul delights. He shall not cry, nor cause his voice to be heard in the street.
    Who is like a Lord. There is none like him. He made himself of no reputation .
    I bow my knee before him.

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