Gratefully Disillusioned

When our religious constructs fail, what do when the illusion comes tumbling down? As Wayne and Brad see regularly, that is a scary time for many people. So, do we grab the duct tape and patch the illusion back together, or do we risk embracing the truth of what we've seen and go on a journey that will allow God to show us who he really is and the church as she really is in the world. When we find the reality behind the veil, we'll find being disillusioned isn't something we need to fear, but embrace with gratefulness.


  1. I’m still listening to the podcast. I am enjoying hearing about your “missionary outreach” to the pastors at the pastors’ meeting you attended. I’m wondering if (because I’m actually hoping) you have an audio message where you speak specifically and lovingly to pastors, partly about their own journey and partly about those who they are seeking to minister to? I know a couple of pastors (who we dearly love but don’t know how to communicate with anymore) I would love to be able to just hand a CD and ask them if they’d take the time to listen.

  2. I’m sorry, Laurie, I don’t have any recorded material like this. When I do get a chance to speak with such groups, it is really tailor-made to that group and the issues there and recording it isn’t usually possible or appropriate.

    Honestly, some pastors I want to just shake with the ‘Scribes, Pharisees and hypocrites!’ language because they are knowingly defrauding people for their own gain. But many, many others I want to entreat like Jesus did with Nicodemus, and encourage them to rethink everything and try again… For many the passion for Jesus that landed them in ministry has been devoured by the machines they run, thinking that is ministry.

    I love your heart. Sorry I don’t have anything like this…


  3. ah well – I’ll just have to depend on Jesus to reach them somehow, I guess 😉

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to my inquiry.


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