You Might Want to Read It Again

Wayne is back from South Africa and shares insights of his trip with Brad, especially how people are learning to break free of the fear of appeasement and are learning to live loved by the Father. Also included is a brief interview with Stephan Vosloo to update how their journey has gone since telling us The Ladysmith Story back in 2005. One theme seems to recur in the dialog—how easily our old patterns of religion keep us from embracing the fresh life and freedom God has given us in the Son. It is easy to think we've been changed because we've read something we liked or because we can vocalize a concept that hasn't yet transformed our heart.


  1. Loved the interview with Stephan and hearing what’s going on in other parts of the world. Wayne’s and Brad’s conversation about “meetings” was very helpful. I loved Wayne’s comments on what goes on over the weekend — you guy’s lost it. I could sense the intermission during the pod cast while you regrouped to regain your composure.

  2. Hi Wayne. I am sooo sad I missed your trip to SA. So wonderful to hear that you have seen & heard many more people seeking to live loved. I have been enjoying life with Father outside of church walls for 8 years. It is such an exciting journey. The BEST fellowship & learning times have been around the lunch or dinner table with friends. Some of like mind and journey, others still within the walls. As you mention our discussions have often lead us into prayer… Which always awakens our desire for more of Him.
    For me, I could not return to the church and its programmes. I so love being loved and knowing I am in His will doing what I am doing.
    Would love to connect more with people whom are on the same journey.
    Kingdom living is what I call my life & journey. It is just living each day, living in relationship. Its fun and I have never been happier and more content with whom I am and how I relate to Father.
    I love the podcasts, you guys put into words what sometimes evades me. Love it. THANX

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