The Relentless Pursuit of Whole Heartedness (#917)

As Sara and Wayne complete their trip through the middle of the U.S., they reflect on Sara's trauma story and how she continues to take on the ramifications of darkness that held her captive for so long. She talks about the exhaustion of sorting through the coping mechanisms that helped her survive in times of threat but now hold her back from living wholeheartedly. By recognizing them and acknowledging their failure to keep her say, she can look for the options that life and love would give her. As she is coming to rest in knowing she will have what she needs as life unfolds, she will no longer need to navigate the anxiety of her worst-case scenarios.

Podcast Notes:


  1. So wonderful to hear your voices. How precious to be let in on a healing trauma conversation between to two of my favorite people. Beautiful transparency and authenticity which makes you very brave people. I am feeling so grateful for you both. A line that shimmered for me from Dana’s poem. “To forget her would heal me, I thought,
    but the neglect of my own little soul was
    just another arrow of abandonment,
    piercing my present and my hunger.”

    • Thanks for your comment, Joni. I’m so blessed that I get to live with this woman and watch God’s work in her. I guess when the lies people tell about you are way worse than the truth, it doesn’t seem so brave to be transparent and honest. And knowing how much it encourages others, it just seems the only thing to do.

  2. Sara,

    Thanks for continuing to share your journey. I identified with your ‘worst case scenario’ reaction. I recall telling someone who asked ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’, to never ask me that question again. I knew I would take it too catastrophy.

    I find comfort knowing someone else is struggling with some of the things I am. I’m not the only one.

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