Missing Your Own Party

A unfortunate experience last week with Wayne's granddaughter leads to a conversation about how our demands, expectations and speculations can make us miss out on the joy the Father has to share with us. Responding to some listener email, they also talk about 'the box' that Jesus wants to set us free from is not necessarily the Sunday morning groups, but religious obligation that keeps people from truly living the life of Jesus. They also announce the "Gratefully Disillusioned" are now available for any who want to order them from a friend of The God Journey. A portion of each sale will go to help with the expenses of the podcast.

One Comment

  1. enjoyed the similarities between Wayne’s grandaughter and us grown ups when it comes to getting upset when we are disillusioned and dissappointed sometimes…..

    also really enjoyed you guys touching on the reality that we sometimes make it a habit of focusing way too much on some sort of list of “Principles” instead of the “Person.”

    God help us 🙂



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