Embracing His Glory #9 (#759)

This is our continuing Tuesday series where Wayne explores the process of transformation of moving us from "glory to ever-increasing glory".  Drawn from the book of John, Wayne unveils how Jesus did this in a relational engagement with his followers, and how he wants to do that in us as well.  This week he talks about the incredible opportunity for us to cooperate with God's unfolding glory in whatever situation you find yourself. 


  1. Thanks Wayne, this journey of God revealing His glory through every circumstance is what He has been revealing to me. Like you, I am a former pastor who has struggled under the rule of perfectionism. Also like you it has been 40+ years. But I am so much more at peace these days and when I start to compare and despair, I remember His glory and His plan. I am truly enjoying my friendship with God.

    Thanks for your encouragement and insight into God’s heart from yours. Blessings, Jack Hagler

  2. Hi Wayne…it’s me again. I just spent my Sunday morning listening to the 9 podcasts on Embracing His Glory….I was thinking these would be too short for me….but listening to all of them at once…I’m spinning! So many good things in each one…So Now I will go back and listen all over again!!! Thank you for taking the time to love us and share our wonderful big brother and Father…It’s like sitting at His table with Him at the head like a family and listening to His peace and wisdom….I love it!

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