Giving Up Our Dividing Lines

A letter from a listener who found community in a place she least expected prompts Brad and Wayne to a discussion about how we think about other brothers and sisters. We often classify them in ways that lead to stereotypes and false assumptions that often make us feel superior to them instead of being able to walk alongside them. As we learn to think outside the box we will find ourselves relating to people around us as individuals, loving them for who they are and not by how we can classify them with our previous experiences.


  1. Hi Wayne & Brad,

    This pod cast so provoked (stimulated) both my wife and I once again as we listened to it on our weekly get-away.
    Bro’s we sooooo love you both!! Without hesitation, if either of you make it up our way here to Ontario, we would love to put you up in our home.

    Father has so enriched our lives in getting to know you via His spirit via the net.
    It is truly wonderful when we are permitted to connect in the 3-D world, but no one can convince me other wise that there isn’t a bonding-connecting taking place in our lives via this medium as well.
    I have to finish the rest of the pod cast before I relisten to it. Just wanted to say a big thank you to our Father for you BOTH, from Richard and Margi.

    In Him we celebrate Life,

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