Are You A Christian?

No, this is not a test to see if you qualify. A recent essay in Time spured a conversation about the term 'Christian' what it has come to mean in our world. Are you comfortable being called a Christian, or does that identify you with things that don't speak of your faith or your spiritual journey? Brad and Wayne talk about the use of this term in politics and in our world that has changed its meaning greatly since the early believers were first called 'Christians' in Antioch.

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  1. Wayne, I think you are way too humble. I have not heard before of your work in bridge building. You have mentioned it in passing, but after years of listening to your podcasts, I now realize what important work you are doing. The story about your interaction with the liberal woman who ended up renewing her commitment to Jesus because of your inspiration was so touching. I love the way you refrain from using terms that vilify or put down–but you just describe the observable behavior, what your are feeling and wanting in regards to that. You and Brad didn’t joke so much this time–that’s okay–there was a lot of “meat” here (even though I am a vegetarian) and am going to stick this on my face book page with a recommendation to my liberal, atheist friends to read this.

    love to you both:)

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