Losing Your Religion

Following up on their discussion of ultimate reconciliation with letters from readers, Brad and Wayne find themselves focusing on the problems a religious mindset creates for those who want to live on the simple relational journey of knowing Christ Jesus. They talk about theological precision, rule-keeping and how easily those who live by religion end up feeling like they are a privileged class with God for all their effort and hold in contempt anyone not working as hard as they are to try to be good. Losing our religion seems an important step to embracing his reality.

And if you'd like to help the brothers and sisters in Kenya, you can find out more at and links to donate at Wayne's Lifestream blog.


  1. Hi there, i was wondering if there was a way to download this onto my computer… so that i can listen to it on my ipod?

  2. Jethro,

    You can either subscribe through iTunes and download it that way or right-click on the download button and it will download to your desktop.

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