A Woman’s Identity – Part 1

They're back! Some of you have asked to have our wives back and discuss a bit more about women and identity issues through motherhood and beyond. On this podcast we bring back Brad's wife, Kelly, (pictured at left with Taylor) to talk about the challenges and insights she has gained as the mother of three growing children as to how that has affected her purpose and identity in the world. Next week, we'll have Sara share her perspectives on these issues.

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  1. Great podcast. Should really be an encouragement for mothers with young children still at home. I’m past that stage now and into the grandmothering stage, but it was good to hear Kelly’s perspective of her life and purpose.

    Wayne, you mentioned Julie several times on this podcast. I think it would be helpful for you and Brad to have her and maybe even Andy on to discuss how they worked through their issues after you as a family left the institution. As teenagers having to deal with all the peer pressure issues, it must have been a challenge for them. I believe this would be an encouragement to parents who are struggling to help their children work through the transition.


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