How Real Is Intimacy?

Wayne and Brad follow-up their recent podcast on "Greed, Grace and Giving" by responding to comments they received from listeners. That, coupled with a recent letter asking how real is this 'intimate relationship with Jesus' supposed to be, leads to a discussion about the reality of God's presence in their daily lives and some of the things people can be thinking and praying about who are having a tough time seeing that reality in their own lives.

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  1. Wow, Thanks for tackling the whole unexplainable..undefinable aspect of love, grace, and intimacy. These are all words that have been created to describe experiences that we long to share and express to others. I have definitely related to the experience of Peter and the absent mother. I’ve felt the hopelessness, frustration, and abandonment as I’ve mouthed the words of faith and religiousity.

    I think what is so helpful with what you’ve shared, is that you didn’t give a definition, a formula, an answer, or empty platitudes. There is the hope of experiencing a unexplainable, someone mystical, comforting, and very real intimacy with God that goes beyond words, ideas, programs, and definitiions. That through our honest questions and seeking, God does reveal Himself. Thanks for giving hope and encouragement to continue to seek more of what Father has for us. For affirming the reality of a relationship with Father that we CAN experience.

    It has been helpful to me in recognizing God’s “voice” is that whenever the thought/idea/voice/impression is love not hate, it’s Father. Whenever it is Faith and not fear, forgiveness not bitterness, grace not judgement, acceptance not rejection, grace not works, it is from Father. It has been through identifying Father’s voice, rather than the accusations of the enemy that I’ve found a way to begin experiencing more intimacy.

    I know that Father works differently with all of us, and by no means is a method to emulate. However it is one way God has touched at least this beloved son to a little of the reality of His love and trustworthiness.

    Thanks again!

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