Church Uncorked (#508)

churchuncorkedCatherine Cowell and Sean Kennedy authors of a new book, Church Uncorked, join Wayne on a Skype interview from the UK about their discoveries in helping more traditional institutional structures find more relational ways to celebrate community and inspire mission in the world. While the book is written for more institutional leaders, the lessons they share will bless many on a more relational journey as they talk about being focused on people not programs, the problems of power distance in our leadership methods instead of coming alongside people, and what it means to build community rather than an institution.

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  1. Great podcast. Coming outside of the box is a risky proposition, and I’m glad it’s not sugarcoated here. I was reminded of a podcast with Brad where he mentioned the game show ‘Let’s Make a Deal’, where along the way, you can either hedge your bets or risk it all for what is behind the curtain. In this case, a wonderful breakthrough, or an extraordinary heresy.
    Many stay in the box to please family, friends, and the pastoral staff, and feel overworked and exhausted in the process, hoping at the end, they will be deemed a good and faithful servant. Yet Jesus, in the story of Mary and Martha, values rest and relationship over work, especially in His presence.
    Jesus forsook the masses to take twelve under his wing, yet most of us prefer the company of many strangers, even if we are miserable in the process.

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