Loving on Purpose: Parenting and So Much More #2

Danny and Sheri Silk are back for part two of their discussion with Wayne and Brad about the challenges and joys of raising children in grace. Danny is author of Loving or Kids on Purpose and they talk about some of the specific questions sent in by many of our listeners about discipline, manipulation and sharing healthy relationships. Throughout the application of this framework of putting relationship above conformity also helps illumine our relationship with God and with others. You can find more of their resources at their website, Loving on Purpose and a website they refer to frequently, Love and Logic, which provides added resources for parents and teachers to raise responsible children.


  1. I bought this book as soon as it appeared on Waynes’ Lifestreams blog and he had not even finished it but said his daughter Julie had recommended it to him. I was so grateful that Julie has turned us all onto this book. I think the title should be Loving People on Purpose because I have found myself giving and recommending this to many people who come to me with “relational issues”. I discovered Love and Logic folks when our oldest son was 3, he is 25 now, through our local county extension guidance center. The truth in this book; that this is the picture of our vertical heavenly relationship, is why it is true for all of our lateral relationships. I love the intelligence behind Danny’s definition of power. Page 82, “It’s important that we understand that the HolySpirit is the true spirit of power. Anger and violence are false powers that we grab onto when we are controlled by fear.” If we could just get this into our brains and our hearts it could be so transforming. Changing us and changing how we relate to all God’s children.

  2. For clarity, Joni, it was a mother in South Carolina that originally talked about this book. My daughter bought it and I ended up reading hers before she did. Glad you’re enjoying the book…

  3. Took me a while to decide to listen but glad I did, you really shared the ‘why behind the what of parenting’, thank you. I had done a parenting course of love & logic at church and it really just amounted to new tools to manipulate my kids and I got stuck there. So, with new light on my path I can walk confidently that Father loving & living in me is the ground work of becoming a more godly parent. Ah, that is good news.

  4. “If there is one thing that matters most in raising a child, it is to strive to become a gracious parent. This requires not making our invitation for relationship conditional upon whether a child measures up to our values. It means that when they fail to please us or don’t meet our expectations, we still convey a desire to be close. Being a gracious parent is what it means to unconditionally love a child—it is how we become their place of rest so that they can play and grow.”

    -Rest Play Grow by Deborah MacNamara, PhD

    While this book isn’t written by a Christian, it has great truths in it. The more we understand our humanness, the better we are able to relate to one another.

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