Settled In Him

Wayne has a guest this week as he introduces Brad to Vivian Haddad, a recent college graduate who helped translate for Wayne during his December trip to Brazil. She was visiting in the States and came by to spend some time with Wayne and Sara. While Wayne was in Brazil God did a special work in her heart and she shares from her own journey about learning to live loved. Brad and Wayne also dive into some email and a conversation about finding our settledness in him. By settling into the reality of our relationship with him we can find peace and rest even in the most severe challenges of life. They also give an update on the situation in Kenya and the generous outpouring that has come from God Journey listeners. We also have a new archive page with RSS feeds to past podcasts by the calendar year. you're, and if you want to find the RSS feeds for the yearly archives of past podcasts you can click here.


  1. Wayne & Brad,
    It was good to meet Vivian and to hear what Papa God is doing in her life. It stirred my heart to know that one more person has been set freer in the revelation of being loved. Thanks for sharing your heart with us VIvian. I also appreciated the heart-felt words from the preachertainer’s wife. I understand and share that same longing which is bittersweet. Bittersweet because I want to connect with her face to face but she remains unknown, yet just knowing that she’s out there with the same longing is an encouragement because I know that where he stirred one heart, he’s stirred thousands. I loved the cat story and also the news of ‘Wayne and Brad Unclogged”. LOL!! You guys crack me up! God bless you all from a unnormal, irregular, repeat listener 🙂

  2. Hi Wayne and Brad!

    Super, again the ‘cast! All of Deborah’s words reflect my thoughts so much. Vivian was a treat to get to know. She reflects the dilemma so many of us find ourselves in; that God remains so far away and impersonal. I have heard it taught that “impersonall” is a sign of “other” religions. But it is just as big a problem for “us”.

    As a missionary in a group with generally conservative, “true to the Word” teaching and doctrinal stances, I find we are often way too impersonal with God, and thus flawing our understanding. It seems that we want to keep Him at a distance, as being close means feelings involved, and those are not always welcomed. People fear such closeness. And, it is a fact that many would think that feelings can weaken doctrinal stances.

    It is a works-oriented theology. Haven’t we all been caught in that trap before?

    Vivian has discovered the answer in her life; the incredible nearness of the Father. And it simply broke open her pent-up heart. Simply awesome!

    Thanks to the loving Father, for the same is happening to many as they let Him move the stones out of their own hearts. This is not so simple, as some of those stones are cherished, just as Mack found out in “tthe Shack”. Thanx, guys, for your helping millions to come to grips with this. What an incredible testimony to a world being literally smothered this very day in hatred towards one another.

    Wayne, can’t wait to meet you in Selb, in Germany! It is a blessing to be able to “look forward” to such things, and thus helping to bring life to the Everyday. And, it is only 8o miles from us.

    Together in the Father’s love,


  3. Very Interesting interview-It’s soo encouraging to see how Jesus is moving among his people and setting the captives free! One point of the interview time: (19:00) Where Vivian was explaining how if someone has an experience with God -that;s great but it had nothing to do with her- Yes it’s a supernatural thing when God moves upon a person but for me if i get a nudge in my Spirit to talk with someone-I will talk to them or maybe just to be quiet and listen to their stories- if they share something that gives me a clue as to either being offended by God or hurt or even just asking ? but not too sure,I will go and pray for them on those issues at home. Where there is no pressure now for me to share the Gospel based on people’s demands (religiousness)but only as God’s Spirit really speaks to me about certain people on my path. Waiting on Him and praying for people seems to be the key to walking in His grace…Thank you for programs,every little seed is treasured by Jesus- even the smallest gesture of kindness and transform and touch people in ways you can not now imagine! Bless you! Sara in Canada….
    David spoke this even being the mighty warrior that he was:
    2 Samuel 22:36 (KJV)
    36Thou hast also given me the shield of thy salvation: and thy gentleness hath made me great.

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