Relationship Is an Invitation (#681)

You can't force anyone into a relationship, but you can invite them. Julie Williams stays over from last week's podcast to answer some email from listeners. First up is a question about spanking and whether or not it's a good tool for disciplining children. Wayne and Julie both talk about their experiences and perspectives in this area, which have changed greatly over time. They also answer a question about their father/daughter relationship through various ages—both where it worked well, and its failures. They also answer a question about losing that relationship in the teenage years and what parents might do to win back a place in their child's heart.

Podcast Notes:
Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles that Can Radically Change Your Family by Paul David Tripp
Loving Our Kids on Purpose by Danny Silk
If You Can Help Us in Kenya

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  1. Wow… I am 51 and having flashbacks to my child hood. I am not a parent, but I was a child that underwent “discipline” that led more to fear than to love. I didn’t have that fear released until two months before my dad passed away (I was 39 when that happened) . I admire any parent who can raise their kids so they don’t fear their parents. I have no answers on how to “do it right”. – I am not a parent. I remember a variety of disciplinary tactics in my youth. Mom and Dad tried a few things. I was a hard case, I will admit that.

    We lived 5 miles from school, and when I missed the bus, I had to walk that 5 miles to school. That was supposed to be a discipline, but in reality it was adventure for me. I didn’t like school and I enjoyed the delay I was offered by my change in transport mode.

    I hope parents don’t waste too much time worrying how to do discipline right… and spend that time loving on their kids. Love will make the difference.. It did with my Mom… I only have memories of her love for me.

    Thank you Julie for sharing. It is indeed special.

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