People of the Cloud

Brad and Wayne are back from vacation and travels and catch up after a long summer. They also plow through some of the email and blog postings as listeners have responded to recent podcasts about sovereignty, scriptures, and the inevitable end of religious systems. What comes from all that is the recognition that living out a growing trust in the nature of God is the growing edge of this journey. The reason we develop systems, movements, or institutions is to help us feel secure in our own planning and ingenuity. When people finally discover what a false hope those things really are, now they are ready to learn to live by following his leading. Most don't realize how much religious performance is deeply grounded in our thirst for the illusion of control and without it what a joy it is to learn how to live relaxed in uncertainty because of our growing trust in Father's care.

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  1. My first reaction to your lawsuit situation when I first heard about it last year was similar to my first reaction at so much news that comes my way that I don’t like. I grieve, and I conclude that this is the end of the story. I want to learn to view life as a great story that is still being played out, knowing the author is leading us to a grand finale that will astound us. When I am in the middle of a great book and I run into a negative situation, I rarely see it as the end of the story, but instead, excitedly keep reading to see just how this thing is going to turn out. Your lawsuit settlement is not the end of the story. We’ll keep on reading…

  2. Thanks W and B for the encouraging reminder of this ongoing process or journey and being won out of the need to “pitch a tent”. Blessings

  3. journey, progressive revelation, purposeful dependence, learning to live in the Father’s embrace…living loved and letting life unfold…learning to live in tension (of uncertainty, doubt, paradox), the (ongoing) story of redemption, not pitching a tent for permanency, but for readiness to move….these are among some of the many things I’m gleaning from your dialogues on TGJ….so good!!!!

  4. Brad and Wayne, we have been listening to your podcast for several years and we find that they have enhanced our walk with the Lord in many ways. We have also been blessed by your books and reread them over and over again especially “He Loves Me”> Keep up the good work guys.

  5. I had a nightmare of a tennis-coach my freshman year of highschool. Her ambition was to win, win, win. One day, she sat us all down and gave us every reason why she couldn’t stand us. She humiliated us and manipulated us. I look back, and through all the resentment and pain, I am glad I met her. She is a reminder that we are all human, and we all makes mistakes. No matter how hard we fall, God will always love us unconditionally. She is a reminder that I should love unconditionally, even when it’s hard.

  6. I liked Brad’s “people of the cloud” metaphor.

    Interesting how the Israelites at that time didn’t have a collection of books to follow, rather, they had YHWH’s presence among them and their experience of Deliverance. That nation was the womb that gestated the words written from the Word Who is God.


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