It’s About Relationship!

Living relationally in body life begins with our own relationship to the one who creates the reality and power of that body life. Brad and Wayne explore our own personal relationship to the Head of the Church, how that is essential to the power of the New Covenant and how each of us can share an ongoing dialog with him as a daily part of our lives. They also respond to comments and questions from their listeners.

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  1. Wow, what a comment about Sunday School. We stuck it out in a stifling church situation just to keep our boy (now seven years old) in Sunday School until he started begging us not to take him to church anymore. At the time Wayne’s book somehow ended up in my hands (I thought it was going to inspire me to go back to church. Surprise!) Now we just share our thoughts about Jesus with our son and we have a short informal bible story lesson on Sundays. So much better than before!

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