Expectancy and Expectations

What's the difference between living with an expectancy in God's unfolding purpose in our lives, and trying to get God to fulfill our expectations for our own convenience or for the ministry we want to have? A question Brad poses to Wayne opens up a dialog about what kind of expectancy they live in about the future and how being a part of God's unfolding purpose sets us at rest as circumstances unfold because we no longer have to control them. They also talk about how that mentality reshapes our prayers for ourselves and for others.


  1. Today is my first day of visiting your website and listening to your podcast. I just bought the book So you don’t want to go to church anymore , I am 3/4 of the way through it and I must say I am relieved to know that I am not the only person in the world thirsting for a relationship with Jesus like the early church had. Ive known for three years now something is missing , I recommitted my life to Christ 3 yrs ago went back to church and the whole time felt like something is amiss. To sum this up I am happy I have found the book and the website and I find the two of you a joy to listen to I find myself laughing right along with you. I do have a confession though I’m scared to death of being led astray and that is causing some uneasiness in me also what do I do now with this new found hope? Where do I begin? Thanks so much what an eyeopener !

  2. I loved listening to the podcast. To me one of the greatest freedoms I have discovered is being free from ”trying” and ”doing” projects for God. It wore me out trying to come up with ideas of how to help people, and then trying to get others to help me with my ”ministry”. I was sure I was doing what Father was wanting me to do, but boy this was hard work. LOL
    Now I realize all that time I was actually doing it for me, for the pats on the back, even for the good feeling it gave me, but it took all my time planning and doing things that I totally left Father out of the picture. Now I’m free to let Him tell me what He wants me to do, until He does I spend time with Him which is absolutely awesome.

  3. This message really spoke to me. For about ten years I had tried to use faith formulas and principles to try to get God to do something amazing and miraculous in my life. I convinced myself that it was for the purpose of advancing the kingdom of God, but now I can see that it was all about trying to get God to do something so that I could feel loved by Him – like I was His favourite. I was also desperately seeking the approval of others. I wasted countless hours reading books on faith and trying to use formulas and principles to make God bless me how I want – when I want. When nothing happened, I convinced myself that I needed to read more books and to confess more scriptures. Eventually, I came to the realisation that nothing was going to happen. I felt confused, frustrated and rejected.
    Now I have learned to simply rest in the finished work of Christ, knowing that I am loved as I am and that He will unfold His purpose in me at the predestined time.

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