The Listeners Speak (#754)

Wayne's been gathering notes, emails, and stories from listeners that just haven't fit into any recent podcasts. So, he shares this podcast with the many voices that have written him or made comments on the blog. So, we talk about the series Embracing His Glory, how God invites us into his love, The Language of Healing in a Polarized Nation and the current political climate we live in, and how Jesus can bear our grief because he knew it so well himself. We end with a very special story of how the whispers of our Father's love finds its way to through the cracks in our damaged souls to win us into his reality. [NOTE: The next God Journey After-Show is scheduled for this Sunday at 10:00 - 11:00 am Pacific Daylight Time. If you want to join in, write to Wayne and let him know, so he can send you the link.]

Podcast Notes:
Language of Healing Live:  Pardon Me, Your Tribe Is Showing
The Discomfort Your Feeling Is Grief from the Harvard Business Review
If you'd like to participate in an open After-Show conversation this Sunday, July 19 at 10:00 am PDT, email Wayne for a link you want to be in the conversation, otherwise you can stream it live on The God Journey Facebook Page
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  1. Wayne, I so love the “cracks” story/analogy. So beautiful and a real reflection of our Father’s love for us, always there no matter what. As an ER nurse I used to specifically appreciate the opportunity to assist with prisoners. There was never a negative thought (on my part) about why they might be restrained, only that God provided an opportunity for His love to be shown through me. I loved seeing through God’s eyes.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. “A whisper that can be heard through the cracks”. Okay, I’m crying…that touched me. This past week I got so angry at an injustice in the world…I don’t blow up like that very often and it’s taken me a while to stop feeling badly about myself for getting so angry at something that wasn’t even worth the energy it took out of me….I kept reading He Loves Me (I keep it with my Bible and I have been passing out copies)…and slowly but surly I heard the “whisper through the cracks” of the Holy Spirit WHO never leaves us nor forsakes us. God had given me a vision of beautiful white feathered wings right before all this pandemic started . He loved me so much that He actually gave me something I could hold onto through all of this and I feel so blessed. I love the story of the Mama chicken in that book…I know I’m safe under His wings but I do think I am grieving for others who are not because I see so many around me who are really afraid. I pray those prayers of Paul’s in Ephesians and Colossians almost every day. Another thing I thought of while listening to this pod cast is that I have been binge watching a program called Heartland on Up TV . I love it mostly because it reminds me of my husband. We always had horses when he was here. Anyway, the girl in the series is a horse whisperer and she gets all of these crazy horses that have been abused and they are going to be put down if she can’t help them , She never refuses to try to help them….and she just gently whispers to them . She “whispers through the cracks” and is able to calm the horses. I watch this series a lot and didn’t realize until just now that it isn’t just a waste of time…this is how out Father deals with us…Whispering Hope!!!! Through the cracks! Okay, I’ve bent your ear enough, I sure wish I could be in on your conversations. I always get so much confirmation through you. I went and spent time with some ladies from the church I used to go to. We have stayed friends still. It was a wonderful experience to be with them because we all know Jesus. But I was telling one of them on the phone this morning that I just can’t go back to organized church because there is no intimacy in the relationships I have had in church like there is when we gather together in a family atmosphere. this church has closed down and the pastor and his wife have been sick….she was one of the ladies I was with yesterday. I prayed for their eyes and understanding to be opened to. After not being with them for a long time…I could see the struggle in her…Trying so hard to do everything “right” for God. I gave them the book…I pray she reads it! Okay that’s it…I have a lot of your podcasts to catch up on. I like to save them so I can listen for hours!!! Love you! Thank you!

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