Battling Depression

What do believers do when they find themselves facing depression? This topic began with questions from some of our listeners both in personal conversations and on the forum. How can we help brothers and sisters who battle deep-seated depression and can't seem to find their way out of it? Unfortunately, with its focus on works, pretense and self-blame, religion only exacerbates the problem and forces the person into greater isolation. Brad and Wayne talk from their experiences with those in depression and how we can walk alongside them as God brings the resources they need to find healing and freedom.


  1. I know that there have been times that I have found myself in despair. Through self examination and some counsel, I have realized that my expectations of the way I wanted things to happen , and they don’t go that way cause me disappointment that causes frustration then to the point of depression.
    I have realized that there is only so much of my situation that I can control and that is to do my part and that is all I can do, the rest is up to God.
    Sometimes we just have to accept that God is in total control and make the best out of our situation.
    For years, I have struggled with many things from being raped and molested as a young child to an abandonment in my marriage when I was expecting our child which caused single parenthood and alot of financial struggles. My Lord has been there through all eventhough there were times I know it didn’t feel like it, when I look back, I know that there have been a lot of miracles that have pulled me through.
    Father will see you through everything if you just hang in there and know that things will never stay the same, they are always changing. That is one of the beliefs in depression that nothing will ever change and it will always be the same, BUT I CAN ASSURE YOU, that is a lie…………things always change. Hang in there and know that your situation will change!

  2. I was just thinking yesterday about being burned out on my job and how everything is such an effort.
    Added to the loss this year of two very significant relationships it seems a depressing time. But I thought about Joseph and what he must have felt like while he was serving time in prison for in essence doing the right thing. I remind myself that God is in control and all things are working
    together to fulfill His purposes in my life. Things changed for Joseph and they changed in an instant.
    And like a song I heard this morning as I returned from the gym “Now that my proud heart has been
    broken once again, I’m seeking a new annointing.”

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