Humility Will Take You Far (#825)

What you believe doesn't matter if it isn't true. Cultural competence is education jargon for familiarizing ourselves with other cultures but Kyle learned a new term last week that he likes better—"cultural humility". Instead of thinking we can master another person's culture wouldn't it be far better to enter the conversation with humility and openness seeking to understand another's story and perspective? That alone would invite us out of our siloed information camps as it offers us a framework to navigate relationships with others who think differently than we do. Isn't that what God offers us as he seeks to engage us in a transformative journey. It's also helpful as they revisit their conversation last week with Anna about the government seeking to discount parents.

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  1. The Chinese story maybe more valid than just a wonder if that could happen.
    Whilst I was listening to the Podcast and Wayne you mentioned that dream of the Chinese taking over I immediately remembered a BBC TV program which I’ll link below. Hope it works, I think I may try watch it again in iPlayer from the BBC.

  2. Hi Wayne & Kyle. We are listening to this on Nov 13 in NZ & down here in this part of the world we are experiencing “the dragon” infiltrating the very fabric of our current governing institutions – political, educational, health-care & judicial.
    Your call to be humbly listening for Father’s voice is so, so important, & leaning in to His Kingdom Reality.
    What you were talking about in relationship to educational mandates I think are also part of this “rise of the dragon”.

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