Then Angst Between Innies and Outies

Christianity Today's current review of George Barna's book, Revolution, highlights the misunderstanding and increasing polarization between those who see the church only as a traditional congregation and those looking for more relational expressions of body life. Wayne and Brad wade into the conflict between those who are in and those who are out to invite us all to lower the temper of the debate and open the doors of communication and compassion between fellow-believers however he calls us to walk out our life in him. It is easy to understand why those who embrace more traditional forms would feel threatened by those leaving it, and why those leaving might feel the need to condemn what failed them so. But is this really serving Father's purpose in the world?


  1. Thank you for discussing the CT article. I read it a couple weeks ago and came to the same conclusions. Kevin Miller simply didn’t get it. His thoughts only fortified my impressions of many institionalized leaders. I appreciate a good critique like anyone else. But all Miller did was patronize a brother in Christ. It’s sad. He took several cheap shots exposing his own limited, traditional extra-biblical convictions.


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