Healing from Trauma: (#847)

Whether you've suffered trauma or have a loved one dealing with it, Wayne and Kyle continue their conversation from last week alongside comments and questions from listeners. They talk about recognizing when Jesus is inviting you to healing rather than trying to locate it on your own, how important it is to find a safe space inside Jesus' affection for you, and they explore a poem that provides a powerful image for loving the part of you that was traumatized. They also talk about how wholeheartedness is disruptive if others around you won't make space for the changes God is making in your life.

Podcast Notes:
The Traumatized Brain - last week's podcast
Letting My Past Catch Up To Me - the poem by Dana Andrechyn that Wayne reads
Additional resources to help understand trauma:


  1. Also, one may find help & healing through a variety of other experiences: EMDR, EFT, Neurofeedback, TMS, Yoga, Nutrition, Emotionally safe and trauma informed relationships/community, DBT, CBT, Mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing Therapy…and hopefully within the next 5-10 years the FDA will approve medicinal micro-dosing of psychedelics (Magic Mushrooms & LSD).

  2. I am sad that you felt in okay to laugh about my mistake. That sort of thing has happen to me all my life & each time it puts everything into a tail-spin, to the point that although I had been really hanging out for more of the living water I had received last week, my brain was put into a complete short- out & I had to turn this pod-cast off.
    Hopefully, when my hubby is home – even though with a brain injury he is incapable of empathising with me – I may be feeling able to revisit this, if I start it from after your little joke. 🙁

  3. Jo I’m so sorry you felt triggered by our laughter. I don’t even remember what mistake you made or what we said about it but I truly apologize for saying something that was hurtful to you. Please point out where it is and I’d be happy to edit it out. Kyle and I always laugh at our own mistakes. We tend to forget that not everyone does. Please forgive me. We meant no ill will.

    Hi, I just went back and looked it up and we knew that was an innocent typo but it left us both with a laugh. I was called Jayne Wacobsrn all through high school because a substitute tray in 8th grade mispronounced my name during roll call. It led to a to. Of humor and was not offended by it. I realize though that people have different reactions to such things. I’m sorry this hurt you. Truly.

    • Thank you Wayne. I had inadvertently put an ”i” in Kyle’s name when asking for his email address. This is the sort of thing that has plagued my life for about 63 years (since I was 7). I make goofy mistakes when I am feeling upset or anxious. I don’t have many memories of every being able to laugh at myself., ‘cos I was always the class idiot & the butt of many jokes.
      You may remember I had mentioned that I hoped there was a rope attached to what I had felt was a life-ring thrown to me in a huge storm. The anxiety that it may not have a rope attached was so palpable , as I have tried so many times over the years to find help with & support for healing. For a long time I have listened to you sharing the reality of “real life” with Jesus & this is the first time I’ve felt brave enough to reach out. Yet, in considering things I realise that I have always been afraid that you would “give up on me as a hopeless case”, so even this time I started writing to Kyle & not you. – That email is still in my draft box, unfinished, ‘cos I keep get overwhelming waves of hopelessness trying to drown me.
      You made reference to this just 2:12 minutes in to the podcast.

  4. Thanks for doing this series, guys. As you said, God moves in our lives and orchestrates moments and seasons for us to heal and come to greater understanding and knowing. I have two very close friends who are going through this experience of being frozen in time as trauma has caught up to them. (Living things don’t stay in graves.) I wanted to share some lyrics I wrote six years ago when I was going through the most horrific time of my life. You mention “wholeheartedness” often, and I agree, not everyone is comfortable or willing to stay close when we try to be open. Sometimes, it’s because the light that promises to break forth is preceded by a lot of pain. That can be too much for some. In my case, it was too much for many.

    Wholehearted Mess

    No lookin back
    No turnin around
    Following your tracks
    My hand in your own
    No greater love
    Have I ever known
    No turning back
    No turning back

    You woke me up
    And showed me a prize
    And I saw fire
    When I looked in your eyes
    The world undone
    And lost in the dark
    The bones of Zion
    Coming alive

    A wholehearted mess
    I am
    A life lain at your feet
    I am
    The light shining bright as the moon
    I am
    Lookin back at you
    I am
    Torn out of your heart
    I am
    The joy set before you
    I am
    The daughter, the bride
    I am

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