The Traumatized Brain: (#846)

Emotional and verbal abuse as a young man caused Kyle to lock his heart into a deep bunker and guard it at all costs. It affected many of his relationships well into adulthood. He shares his journey with Wayne and how Jesus continued to knock on the door of his heart and invite him out of that bunker to find rich and rewarding connections with others. Unresolved trauma is epidemic in our culture and scientists have only recently discovered how it shapes the physiology of the brain and distorts its perception of circumstances and people. Learning about trauma will help us all find greater freedom in this life, whether it's for ourselves or others we love.

Podcast Notes:  Resources to understand trauma:


  1. Hello again Kyle and Wayne…your conversation was so spot on to things Jesus is walking me through right now. Again …would love to chat personally…but these conversations we get to hear are “the next best thing”. Kyle your story resonates profoundly with me and my parents…really appreciate your sharing. Blessings, Sue

  2. Sue you are very welcome. I told Wayne after we finished recording that I felt like there was still a lot of detail that got left out. I am excited for you and the journey Father is walking you through. His gracious process always amazes me. Blessings to you Sue!!

  3. I put my children through a horrid divorce….they both have trauma as adults….i struggle with guilt. Thank you for this. I will pass this on to them…God bless you both.

    • Lori, please don’t waste another day to guilt; it’s not what Father needs or wants. He wants to invite you past the shame, even if you did make a mistake, to lead you into his life. Your children have the same option, to stay stuck in the pain of the past, or find a way to move beyond the chaos of the broken world we live in and find their life and joy in Jesus. I’m praying for you that you lean away from guilt and into the unfathomable love of God for you!

  4. Thank you so much for endured a lot night to record this Wayne & Kyle. It was a life-ring in an extremely tumultuous ocean for me – trust there is a rope attached that will help haul me to safe haven. What your email address please Kylie?

  5. Both sides of my family experienced a lot of violence & hostility, going back 140 years and possibly a lot longer. By far the greatest amount of adverse trauma I’ve experienced has been in the form of the tragic misrepresentation of the nature of the Father that we all share. And unfortunately this all got worst when nearly 24 years ago at age 40 I began regular church attendance and being fed PSA Theory. I’ve been on a slow healing process for about the last 5 or 6 years and since experiencing The Shack, So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore, & leaving the Institutional Church environment. The Truth of God’s love heals trauma! Amen!

  6. Oh my, did this ever hit home! All I ever wanted to do was to leave my childhood home and abusive dad behind. Unfortunately I jumped right into an abusive marriage, which compounded the trauma that I experienced. God has graciously been healing me over the years, but I know there is still growth to be had. Thank you so much, Kyle, for sharing your story. Please share more as I am sure that the details would be so helpful to all of us. God bless you as you pursue wholeness and healing.

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