Be Easy on People

Following up last week's podcast, Brad and Wayne continue a discussion about how Jesus' love takes shape in us and how that love, better than anything else, makes God known in our world. They read through part of the Sermon on the Mount from Luke 6:26-38 in The Message and discuss the practical ways that we can live generously with others when we know how the Father lives generously with us. Their discussion makes clear why Christianity cannot be reduced to a set of propositions or a list of principles. Instead it must be a real connection with the Father himself through the Son.


  1. Wayne and Brad,

    I love this extended conversation dealing with ‘friends and friends of friends’.
    My wife and I once again listened to this pod cast on our day away today, I couldn’t help but think…He said He came to be Life and to experience it in abundance.
    Somehow Life, set in the context of ‘living’, is what I think works best. What a beautiful framework to see this life displayed, operating in, and through, friends, and friends of friends.

  2. Hey Brad, I’m glad to hear someone else using that simple imploring prayer: HELP!!! I’ve been doing that for many, many years. I’m glad it works for you. I think the problem comes in when we expect that, as well as the other stuff you and Wayne discussed on this podcast, to be true for everybody. I think most of us would agree that God doesn’t treat us all the same and that goes for these real life experiences. Building up this kind of expectation in all people only leads, for some, to an image of an incompetent God who can’t pull it off in our lives no matter how many years we seek Him. For those it’s a lot easier to accept Jesus here among us in the lives of people we know because people are the only beings we ever perceive.

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