Living Under Father’s Care

Join us for a trip to the land down under as we offer another in our continuing series of interviews with people all over the world who are living this journey with great freedom and joy. In this podcast Wayne interviews Kevin Smith of Lancefield, Victoria in Australia as he shares the lessons a group of believers have experienced over the past 20 years of living as a relational community of God’s people. “Kevin has been an older brother to me in this journey and has encouraged me and confirmed so many of the things God has put on my heart over the ten years we’ve been friends and brothers.” says Wayne. As Kevin shares their story and the transitions Jesus took them through, he touches on our growing trust in Father's care, their freedom from institutional expectations, the community it has spawned, and its effect on their children. If you would like to correspond with Kevin he can be reached at: [].


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Kevin with his easy, fatherly style. He reminds us that when we discover how much Jesus loves us and make it our life purpose to be His best friends, we will be able to take people where they are in their journey and help them along into more loving relationship with Him.

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  3. Is the book you mentioned, “I Will Build My Church,” still in print, or available somewhere online? I would really be interested in reading the whole story!

  4. Oh, I’m sorry, too. Thanks for the info, though. If Windblown ever decides to take it on for a reprint, pleeeease let me know!

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  6. Based on the interview with Kevin Smith called “Living Under Father’s Care” in 2005 – Wayne mentioned doing a possible future podcast regarding raising children within the church life? Was this podcast ever done and if so , when?

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