Seeing What God Sees (#818)

Wayne was a guest this week on The Daron Earlewine Podcast, and the conversation was so rich in summing up the last few months of his journey that they both agreed to simulcast it on The God Journey as well. In this wide-ranging conversation they talk about healing and death, the gentle nudges by which God leads us, life moving at the speed of relationships, love is not something you can earn, looking at our circumstances through God's eyes, days of reckoning, and how we can develop a language of healing in a divided world.

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  1. Dear Wayne,

    As with most folk, I became really concerned about the way things have been going in this day and time. It seemed as if I was constantly before ABBA asking him what was going on and what did he want me to do if anything. It was like my whole being was in total distress and turmoil. So much unrest, distrust, CHAOS!!!

    There was one night (it was back in December of 2020) that I could not sleep and I kept asking the Lord, “What is going on? What are you doing? Is this one of those moments that you need for me to just get out of your way? And if that is what you want, fine but, could you tell me how to stop worrying about your creation?” The next morning these words came to me, “strong delusion”. Well, I knew they were part of a scripture and sure enough, it was 2 Thessalonian 2:11. It seemed to refer to the “last days” scenario (I am definitely NOT saying I know what that means but, here we go…) when God said He would send a strong delusion that they would believe the lie. And whenever I would ask okay Lord, what do you need for me to do, or say or whatever, he would gently say “Watch what I do.”

    When I heard that part of the podcast about those folks you have praying about what is going in these stressful times, it confirmed a lot of the what, why, when, etc. concerning my prayers to Papa about our current world situation. I said all of this just to let you know that I believe ABBA is talking to a bunch of us. And I am doing my best hear him and watch what he does. There is so much more that can be shared but I will stop here.

    Thanks for doing what you do.


    • Marcia, these are such great words. I’ve been so encouraged reading and reflecting on what God is showing you and so many others of us. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for listening to God’s heart in these turbulent times.

  2. I thought this was an outstanding podcast with Daron Earlewine. I love the practice of praying along side our Heavenly Father while viewing our requests through His perspective. I feel much more engaged and more intimately aware of God’s perspective. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I just read 2 Thes 2 :11 … Seems out of God’s character … God of Truth … to send delusion … I don’t understand

    I’m intrigued by ur latest trial … I know u can’t give details …just impressed u can even talk about it in general terms. Thanks to u and Daron for another great convo!

    • I hear you, JKB. There’s some OT language like that too, but knowing the God I know there has to be a loving purpose behind it. And, not that God is doing the deceiving, but that he gives them over to the lies they are already believing, perhaps for the purpose of getting to the end of those lies so they can be rescued, or to let a greater plan of his unfold I the whole of creation. Who knows? But knowing him, it may not be what others have taught.

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