All You Need Is Within You (#786)

How does Wayne handle the anger and accusations that a few people have launched at him following his recent thoughts about delusion?  That's what Kyle wants to know and it launches their conversation about dealing with criticism—how to look for what's true, how to recognize the toxic and not take it in, and how to find a better place in your thinking than to accept the polarized matrix so prevalent in our world. Then they talk about a video Kyle saw about human consciousness from a scientific perspective. Fear and anger come from the perception that what I need is out there somewhere and someone is keeping me from it, rather than recognizing that true joy and fulfillment come from within, where the Spirit of God invites us into Father's reality.

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Video on A Revelation of Consciousness by Peter Russell
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  1. Just finished this podcast GREAT I have been searching for a new way to talk with friends on both side of the political view and your Anti Partisan seems to be a good way to start talking, and to be able to talk about the good and bad we see on each side, thank you. Maybe to even get to that ground where we can agree on a few things.

  2. Yes Doug. I began a slow but steady separation from politics 20 years ago. I was 42, a new Christian of a couple of years, and constantly seeing how the political party I had devoted so much to was not measuring up to the Kingdom of God that I had newly discovered. But it took another 12 years to finally divorce myself from my abusive relationship with politics. But like the Abusive EX that politics is, there’s that constant voice of lies attempting to woo me back to placing my hope, my love, my worship, back in politics, telling me that this time, with this or that candidate, things will be different, that they have somehow changed. But I just keep reminding myself that I have a new hope, and that hope is Jesus.

    These days when I talk to my friends and family, on both sides, who are still in love with these systems of men, it is like I am attempting to talk them down off of a ledge. I have developed a script for talking to both sides, a script for chasing out the darkness of either extreme view. But that is largely inneffective with most. I am even more convinced now that in the body of Christ we don’t have a clear enough vision of the Kingdom of GOD. Perhaps we should be praying as Paul did, that we would be rooted and grounded in Love, and that we might know how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ. This is really the same as Wayne’s prayer that he constantly reminds us of. “Father what is it about your love, that if I understood it, I wouldn’t feel so anxious,” And I wouldn’t be trying to get the systems of Men to build the Kingdom of God! Or more simply; to fit a square peg in a round hole! Shalom

  3. Despite all the flack you’ve been receiving, here’s a silly thought: when you’re driving along that coast road and Jesus speaks to you, you can honestly say, ‘I heard it on the grapevine.’

  4. Love the conversation. Kyle sounds like a lovely human being .. only 35 … God is going to do great things with him … He is a good listener and brings a youthful and more science perspective into the discussion. Spirituality and science … We need more of this. Also, I enjoyed the video on consciousness … And I listened to John Butler talk about meditation… Wow! I will definitely be following A. Chene. One day we will comprehend fully how God is working in this universe. We r all so blessed!

    Wayne, you are amazing … You truly are open to the Spirit. I love how you have embraced racial justice and can see the inequities in our systems.

    If only the church would have been supportive back in the 60’s and helped fight against racial injustices… So few leaders were. And here we r again .. take 2 I guess.

    All this talk about the election being stolen … Is just throwing shade at Blacks. Blacks, especially Black women have saved democracy. I want justice for ALL. Will keep doing what I can to make this world a better place. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for making these podcasts available!!
    I do appreciate your authentic conversation 🙂
    The part about brain science is so important as well, great to hear about it here.
    If you’d like to check out free professional resources along those lines see the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM) and their blog with great short videos and more on latest research, like this one below about what to do when people don’t realize that they are not “just standing up for themselves/something” but being emotionally triggered (about 5 minutes):

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