Going Down THAT Road (#731)

You know how it is... There's the way you normally go about life, and there's those moments when God invites you down another road that is often less familiar but full of some amazing surprises. Harvey and Monica Mast own Harvey's Market in Millersburg, Ohio and have found themselves in the middle of a pandemic explosion of generosity that's creating quite a buzz in northeast Ohio. Harvey joins Wayne on this special Tuesday podcast to share not only how God drew him into a growing friendship with God eight years ago out of a religious and abusive past, but also how he invited Harvey into helping create an outpost of generosity in the current pandemic. It's a story of grace, courage, and being willing to let God's purpose unfold, rather than having it figured out in advance.

Podcast Notes:
If you want to join in The Generosity Curve, you can help here.
Fox 8 News Report:  The Generosity Curve Grows in Rural Community
Newspaper article on Harvey's Market:  With Community Help, Millersburg Market Gives Away Thousands in Produce 
Mike Rowe's Returning the Favor episode about an Indiana Farmer giving away his produce to feed the inner city
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  1. Thank you Harvey for sharing your story of the God Journey. When you said “…not going as fast as I want it to go” I thought sounds like God. Then through the rest of the podcast that phrase, sounds like God, came up often. Very encouraging and I found myself giving deep praise for your healing and freedom. Very cool. Thank you thank you.

  2. Thanks Harvey for sharing. You are definitely God’s word personified. I thought of two verses especially, Matthew 25:35 and 2 Corinthians 9:11. I experienced the first verse firsthand through both you and Monica, facilitated by Wayne (thank you again).

    I can relate to the waiting part of the journey for sure. It gives me more peace than frustration surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly. I have to remember that although God lets me use the pencil, He uses the eraser. His move is much greater than ours as your story proves. You, Harvey, are like the doubting Thomas who wanted to see the wounds in Jesus’ hands. His journey was the better for it, and so is yours.

    You might be interested in a book on the biography of R.G. Letourneau, a Christian businessman who gave away 90% of his income…link is here…


  3. What an awesome podcast and incredible journey. Thank you so much much for sharing your life with us, Harvey. Absolutely beautiful!

    • Hello Ron
      Thank you for your kind comments here ! I am so grateful the story of Thomas was written down, I relate so well with Him ! I seem to have a supernatural ability to second guess and doubt things that God is doing in my life. This last thing was no different!!
      He seems to make up for my lack with his own faith and does not condescend to me while doing it.
      For example early on I was concerned about this being safe or even legal and what if the health department would shut us down.
      This was causing me to second guess whether this was just my idea
      And if Jesus would do something that would be a health concern???
      After talking With him about it i went out to stock the shelves and someone walked up to me out of the blue and says…”do you know the local health department is referring immune compromised people out here because they believe this is the safest place around for them to get food?”
      And before that I was pressing Him to let me know who’s idea this is …
      Trying to decide whether to continue or stop it all together if it was just me.
      Instead of answering I felt like He asked me a question…
      “ if it’s a good idea, why is it so important to you who’s it is?”
      This helped me realize He wasn’t worried about credit so I don’t need to be either both bad or good . I was looking for certainty knowing his ideas work better than mine. Another thing I felt He was saying was “your my boy” with such tenderness and delight in his voice undoing my heart and touching a very tender place involving my earthly Dad.
      He gives what I need but rarely what I want … Those don’t often line up in my experience. But it’s always better for me in the long run.

      • That is simply wonderful Harvey! God will reveal Himself to us when we need him to most. But I know in my life, it happens very rarely. I take comfort in verse 1 Corinthians 13:12, seeing in a mirror dimly, only knowing in part. I’ve become OK with that. I wish you Harvey peace in the journey!!

  4. Catching up again, Wayne! Love this one…Love Mike Rowe and his returning the favor programs…so good to hear good news!!!! I’ve pretty much turned off the news for good for now….too much negativity…that goes for Facebook too. One day at a time….And if I can I would like to contribute. It may not be much but I just want to be a part of this awesome giving! Thank you so much Jesus and Harvey!

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