Does God Experience Emotion?

Wayne and Brad start by talking about the progress of their own relationship, and the poor track record Christians have of maintaining friendships over the long haul. Why does division define us more than peacemaking and unity? Responding to some listener questions and input, Brad and Wayne also discuss reconciliation in broken relationships and following up an earlier podcast about God's affection and his approval, they talk about whether or not God has emotion or need in a way similar to our human experience, and what do we learn in that in our own relationship with him?


  1. Great Podcast. When you mentoned the desire to see the world around us be different. It touched a deep inner place in my spirit. That is the exact desire of my heart I had never been able to verbalize properly until now. This thought was also one of the driving forces that helped move my wife and I out of the main-stream church life of 35+ years. In all that time the same old circles kept revolving, touching a few with fleeting, burdensome, sometimes short lived results. Creating more “religious casualties” than strong followers. It has been over a year since we stepped out of the mainstream….. IT IS AWESOME. Thanks for doing what you guys do.

  2. The greatest part of this journey is exactly what you said Wayne, “The more you get to know Him, you will not want to displease Him, not because of fear. He has all the best stuff in the universe. He really knows where real life is. Living In Him is Life”.

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