What Do You Feel When You See Me? (#776)

"Father am I alright? What do you feel when you see me?" Those questions come from a listener in Germany about patterns in his life that got planted at a very young age. Kyle Rice and Tracy Levinson join Wayne to talk about our sense of being worthy of God's attention and his love, how it can get twisted at a very young age, and how it may affect males and females differently. They also cover how to remove shame from sexual issues with our children, masculinity and femininity stereotypes, and how we are all God's favorite son or daughter.

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unashamed: candid conversations about dating, love, nakedness, and faith

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  1. WOW I SOOO appreciated all you had to offer, especially Tracy, the way she dared greatly in offering gifts of imperfection in Living her message of being unashamed. really spoke to my heart where i needed it — especially in the whole arena of friends. thanks again & again!!!

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