The Other Side of Grace

What do you do when you realize you've climbed the ladder leaning on the wrong wall? A comment Mike made in our last podcast about his "feeling lied to" by those he knew who helped him learn how to run the religious treadmill, opens a discussion with Brad and Wayne about how we think of the people and places that were part of our lives while we trying to serve God religiously. To many it does feel like they were duped or lied to. For others it felt like they had too much invested in the old ways to even consider another alternative. In time, however, grace does its work in us and we find ourselves thinking very differently about those who are still caught in the system of religious obligation.

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  1. I guess I still have a way to go on my journey, since I get a LOT from each podcast 🙂
    I found myself saying Yes Yes to the computer this morning while I listened. This just peeled back the next layer for me — how do I deal with the angst of thinking I “wasted” all those years? It’s a journey, not a race.

  2. A very timely podcast for me. I look forward to that wonderful place of grace where I am completely at peace with the past. But I don’t believe I’ll get there without first taking time to honestly express my hurt, angst, anger and confusion. Sometimes that looks ugly, but it seems to be a necessary part of moving past it.

    Of course, I could just suck it up, put on my best Mr. Rogers face and pretend it’s all good – I learned that in “church”. Looks like grace and forgiveness on the outside, but inwardly it drives the resentment deeper, moving me further from the peace I seek.

    Some days I think it’s better for me to feel angry because someone lied to me, than to lie to myself because I don’t want to admit that I feel angry.

    Perhaps true grace and real honesty are not so incompatible…?

  3. Ken, If you are interested, a few of us long time listeners to the god journey exchange emails on pretty much any topic. We all met here and have been mixing it up via email for a year and a half now. You are welcome to join in if you want. Just email me at if you are interested and I will loop you in. .

  4. Each time I listen to a podcast I find myself nodding and saying .. yep .. been there, thought that, and have lived in a world the past 27 years where I pushed it all aside and told myself that I was wrong for even thinking that. I suppose couple that with being a “club” member and being told that I didn’t know what I was talking about didn’t help either. I’m so thankful to be on this journey – and the chains continue to fall away with each podcast. Thank you!

  5. In the book “The Archko Volume” , Caiphas is reflecting on the recent resurrection of Jesus and reports of Jesus appearing before him. The encounter is very dramatic for Caiphas and he ends up resigning his post. The story begins a little more than half way down on page 125 and goes to page 127. I cannot imagine a more powerful realization that he must have felt seeing Jesus and realizing he was on the wrong ladder.

  6. Catholic, Luthern, Presbyterian, Baptist events, and now small group…I have no anger or regrets…for through the denominations and people, and my limited perception…I believe that He walked with me gleaning the things I needed to form a special relationship with Him and with His creation. I still walk humbling knowing I can be tripped up and then pass it on. Thank God for His Grace and Mercy. Found myself nodding with Brad a lot.

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