Lights! Camera! Action!

A recent meeting of some fellow-believers active in the filmmaking industry gave Brad and Wayne an opportunity to host a free-ranging discussion on movies, in general and movies directed at Christians in particular. They discuss what the future might hold for believers in this media and how it can demonstrate the reality of Jesus where our culture convenes with Bobby Downes of in Visalia, CA and Loren Rosser of Family Room Media in Sacramento, California.


  1. Hey guys: I guess from now on Loren is going to have to say Family Room Media very carefully! hehehehe. I was blessed by this podcast because my hubby and I know Loren and Lilly personally and have seen how God has brought them from thinking we were weirdos and being rebels to where they are now, partaking of the freedom in Christ and broadcasting it to the world. This is truly a network of folks who have taken the blue pill. (or was it the red) ha!
    My daughter is working on the cover of Dave’s book, just thought I would put in a plug for one talented young lady! And by the way, she agrees wholeheartedly with what you mentioned about music, that’s how she feels, as a 15 year old, she loves all sorts of music, yet tends to shy away from stuff that is plastically religious. She looks for meaning and something that touches her heart, that just doesnt say words without annointing. The youth knows what is real! Robin

  2. Dear Wayne and Brad, I enjoyed listening to this podcast and the prodding to keep on being open to honest storytelling. You may be interested to go to where another group of individuals are pursuing similar questions as raised in your podcast.

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