Playing Hide and Seek with God (#943)

As Wayne has watched God's work of redemption inside Sara's trauma, he's been keen to observe that the soothing safety of Father's love that untangles the darkness, and the anger, threats, and blame make it worse. That is as true of our sin as it is of trauma. Why then does God use so much shame and threats of punishment in the Old Testament to try to get people out of the darkness? Or, does he? Wayne invites Kyle to consider how the prophets saw into God's agony and misinterpreted his words, and so do the literalists of our day.

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  1. I love this have been in this mindset for years but when sharing my opinion it was always shut down hard and quick. And I always thought, is there any intelligent life out here!?
    Thank you for “braving it”, saying it aloud. Now I know I’m not crazy.
    Praise God!

    • Way to go, Laura. Truth is always risky when sharing with those who think they know what’s going on. It takes courage to swim against the current. Blessings on you for doing so.

  2. Another most excellent conversation!

    Two main things came to mind for me.
    1. Understanding the cultural constructs of the time when the scripture was written. Particularly in the old testament and how it appears God is often contrasting himself to the images of the prominent false gods of the particular times as humanity matures.
    2. Instead of using scripture to interpret our real God experiences, something I did for years that caused myself and others to miss what God was actually doing. Allowing our experience of God to interpret scripture. Something that is actually quite scriptural. Paul is the most obvious example. Knowing scripture better than anyone at the time he used it to become an enemy of what God was actually up to. After experiencing Jesus his interpretation of the same scriptures did a 180. When this shift happened for me scripture and Jesus came alive in a way I could never have imagined.

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