Wayne’s Journey to Living Loved, Part 2 (#506)

wayneblue2Wayne concludes the interview he did with Jeff Heer of DefiningRoots.com for a lengthy interview about his life and journey and how God drew him into living loved and a liberating view of the church that he wrote about in Finding Church. In this segment he deals with questions about those who find it hard to connect with people outside the institution, why accountability will not engender church life, how to explain to your family that you're no longer attending the fellowship they've been a part of all your life, what it means to live loved, and if bitterness helped shape his view of the church.

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  1. The last two podcasts have been great. You cram so much into the interview and there’s a confidence and an excitement in your voice that is so sharp and uplifting. More than usual.

    The fact that you are asked questions is also good. They are the sort of questions that people ask. And you aren’t defensive in your answers nor do you side step them. You’re honest and open and real, as you always are and you hit multiple nails on their heads.

    I’m not saying all this to make you feel good.

    I just reckon it would be a crime if such a resource is kept hidden and I for one will try to get it into as many hands (or ears) as I can.

    Thank you.

  2. God bless you Wayne as you continue to facilitate others to the knowing of God. What a joy to see the God of grace who is for us having defeated sin in and through the freely given gift of Jesus. Understanding scripture read through the filter of his love (rather than pity for unworthy scum which would make us pitiful) is such an encouragement. The gospel is a person, not a formula, not a system of belief. The gift of eternal life is the life of God restored (having been created in his image), God living in us and through us.

    To relate to others as members of the body of Christ, rather than members of organizations, includes us in something so magnificent. It is a privilege to interact with the church of which Jesus is the head. Observing and participating in his building of it evokes gratitude.

    Living inside the big soul, as opposed to the narrow confines of our ego, is true freedom.

    You are articulate in communicating truth that unmasks deceptions that misdirect those who desire God. It never surprises me that there are charlatans, control freaks and neo-pharisees that will attempt to use God for there own purposes, but it is sad to see how many are duped while earnestly seeking meaning, purpose and truth. The use of your giftedness in unmasking these frauds is so valuable. Thank you for making yourself available.

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