Living Fearlessly (#734)

"Is it possible to be fully fearless in the face of death?" One of our listeners sent that question in especially as it relates to the coronavirus and the growing death count in the news. Kyle joins Wayne to explore why we no longer need to fear death and how we can even look forward to crossing the portal that will lead us to the age beyond this one. This is only the waiting room for the real adventure for which we were created. In related stories they also talk about communion services in the pandemic, and what they expose about our view of "church" and "church leadership", as well as the nickname some are giving the virus—Boomer Remover.

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  1. Sometimes I want to be with you guys in these conversations sooooo badly! I’m reading a book called “Heaven” by Randy Alcorn….I get so excited by some of what he has written I start jumping up and down.. I keep telling people about how I can’t wait to be with Jesus…to die really,…. and they look at me like I had 10 heads….But to be with God and Jesus with NO HINDRANCES in the way….I can taste it and feel it…but then I think well is God showing me this book ’cause He knows I’m gonna catch the virus and not make it? Then the joy goes away….well that’s what we’re afraid of…HOW it’s going to happen….did I ever tell you about how God showed me my husband going home to the Lord. He was sick for a long time and I stayed by him the whole time…Long story short…whether in the body or not I had an awake vision of him walking up a road waving good bye to me AFTER he told me to sit in my prayer chair….where Jesus was sitting….he was turning me over to Jesus. He then continued to walk up this road turning to wave to me and tell me he loved me…when he got to the top of the hill he turned once more….jumped up in the air…clicked his heals and shouted WAHOO! then he went over the hill and was gone! It was very, very real! There’s more detail to it…but that really took a lot of fear out of dying for me. It was like he just walked out of that broken body and kept on walking right to the Father. So now I’m listening to this and it’s so right on. I can ascertain to so much of what that book says and what you are saying . I have an almost perfect life here….it hasn’t always been that way…but to be with Jesus and to taste and imagine a world without evil….I can’t wait!

    • Thanks for the reminder Sarah. I thumbed through this book about 10 or so years ago but it was too much like swimming upstream for me back then, but now I’m almost always going upstream towards the source. I found the book on the free Hoopla service at my local library as an audiobook so I am going through it more thoroughly now. But you are right, and most of our “Heaven” talk, preaching, books, etc. is about the temporary interim destination of Heaven not what I understand to be our “Heaven on Earth”, final destination!

  2. I understand all the conspiracy theories that are out there However If you have ever watch the documentary “100 years” about how the government stole billions from the Native americans (not in the 1800 but today) then one has to question the system of the world. That is why we need to focus on the heavenly Kingdom, the eternal Kingdom, the one that will last forever.

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