Delighting In Holiness (#438)

From his portable podcast studio in the woods of Maryland, Wayne talks about his weekend with a broad spectrum of believers who gathered to share their God Journeys, ask some questions, and make some new connections. Here are stories of bondage and courage, as people are learning how to respond to Jesus as their head, and not the demands of those who bully others thinking they are Godly leaders. This theme continues as Wayne shares from the life of Moses and whether or not God's call to holiness is a terrifying place to dread, or a delightful space filled with joy and wonder inside a relationship with God.

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  1. What if God’s holiness is not meant to be a terrifying place to dread, but a delightful space filled with joy and wonder inside a relationship with God? Holiness is a delight. Fear never takes us there. Obedience comes from delight.

    Wayne, there is so much life in these thoughts and words. Its a truth to ponder on that will take the rest of my life and eternity to fully realize.

    I am reminded of the The Last Battle from CS Lewis where the children find themselves prisoners in a hut. They discover that the inside of the hut is actually larger than the outside. Other prisoners only see the walls, but for the children who believe in Aslan, see a whole other world. How we perceive the Father (hard task master or loving Abba) will define how we see holiness, how we see life, how we see ourselves. The apparent narrow road, eye of the needle, single door, small hut are all much larger, eternal, life giving and delightful when entered with the understanding of the Father’s love and affection for us.

  2. Good morning Wayne from out here in Australia, Thankyou so much for the Blessing and encouragement of your podcast.
    For me Holiness is The Life of Jesus, He is the Holiest of all.
    To live in the intimate relationship with Jesus, enables us to be conformed into His image which Is the purpose for which God called us.
    In this we do find true freedom.
    Every Blessing

  3. Thanks for the podcast on holiness, Wayne. It is something that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about, because in the religion I grew up in god was so holy that we dared not talk about him. Then when I “became a Christian” I soon started to wonder why there was no enlightenment. Again it seemed as though the best Christians were the most somber. Now my understanding of holiness is simply ” set apart; different”. To me it means that god is not like us; he is of a different nature. I love the title “Delighting in holiness”. The holier we become, the more we delight!

  4. Hi Wayne,
    I’ve been listening to so many of these podcasts and sharing them with many friends of mine on FaceBook. I’ve always appreciated the love and freedom you promote and show forth. Thank you.

    I must also add that I’ve received a lot of encouragement from John Eldredge. Even though there is no one man or woman that I agree with 100%…I am grateful for the words of LIFE that I’ve received from those who have found relationship and freedom. (I guess I only add this, because of the mention of Wild at Heart). It’s not in John’s heart to promote men to use coarse language & cigars. It’s just some of the extremes some go to on their journey in finding a genuine relationship with God with no “favor lines.”

    I am very much involved with a lot of young people coming out of a ministry I once was a part of 15 years ago which at one time, had been so alive and wonderful 3-4 decades ago…but now has turned into nothing more than a “christian cult” a culture of control. I encourage them to listen to these podcasts…because they truly feel so alone, shunned & ostracized by their families. Thank you for continuing to walk where the Lord is leading you. You give hope to many!
    Much love always,

  5. You’re right, Charisse, I wasn’t attaching any blame to John for that, just how some men took it too extremes in the name of freedom, which may have been the freedom from religious oppression, but not necessarily what real freedom in Christ is all about. One of the problems of religious obligation is when you realize how false it is, the slingshot effect often pushes people into some strange places until he draws them back into a greater freedom. While you certainly can be free in Christ and enjoy a cigar if you want, enjoying a cigar isn’t necessarily freedom in Christ. Life within is the issue, not any external behavior.

  6. This is Good stuff Wayne : I love this talk of obedience and holiness !!!!!! This is what I have been enjoying with My Father and Jesus ! I am seeing these words have been abused so greatly in my past I could not equate what Father is doing in me to them. By faith we can live and experience what we don’t even understand isn’t that awesome !!! Though I do love when In His time He leads us into a deeper understanding ! Thank you for being a part of the process He is using ! You may as well have been talking straight to me! This group you talk about is very much like what I grew up under . My heart really relates to the struggles of standing up and saying something is wrong when everyone else seems to have no problem with what is happening ! I am so Glad they are finding freedom in Jesus! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I was in Virginia with this group of people that this pod cast is about. I walk in there knowing no one. I do not like to be around a group of people I don’t know. I never felt like an outsider. Conversation were easy and sometimes very deep. I am sure many of us started friends that will last for years.
    I also enjoyed Wayne’s teaching I came away with a deeper understanding of the cross, holiness, and the kingdom of God.
    Thank You

  8. Holiness as a garden to walk into and live. Such a restful thought with no scariness attached!

  9. Hi Family
    Wayne I have personal been through the wild at heart material 4 times in a 3.5 half year period. Nowhere in the material have I read Eldridge encouraging men to be free to swear. I don’t know where that comes from, but not out of his literate.

    On the topic of swearing though, I personally find it has little to do with holiness. Words are just words, with meanings and power that we ourselves give them. The scriptures that refer to speaking cleanly are more in reference to edifying the hearer and the intent/meaning behind any word really. It is law to say some words are bad and some aren’t. Every culture changes the meaning of words, practically in sub-cultures. The only real reason that swear-words shouldn’t be used compared with any other word is because people live by the law and are offended with them. Instead of using a considered “bad word” by someone love them doing whatever you can to be at peace with them. Although, if people were free from the law of swear words it wouldn’t be an issue even amongst children. Cause children would learn about the mean and power of words and how to use them properly. One benefit about a so called course word is it can help release tension or anger, instead of letting it build up. Realising anger/tension at an early stage is one way to be self-controlled and not let anger control you. If you do that though, just make sure you turn away and mutter it under your breath, so as not to offend anyone ruled by law, unless you know the hearer is free of the law. This Wayne, my friend, is freedom.

    The wild at heart material encourages a man to be strong as a he should be and for him to go on a journey to use/recover his strength. The biggest challenge I personally find with the wild at heart is learning how and where to use my strength with grace at the same time. Typically a passive man, as I have been, when learning how to use my strength have been to fiery when I needed to be gentler, particularly with those close I held dear to my heart. But, better for men to make a few mistakes learning how to handle their fire, rather than not use their strength at all. For if a passive man, not learn how to wield his strength, injustice will prevail. For a man that is normally over-aggressive, the learning path looks difference.
    I hope I have wield my strength well in this instants. I’m not wanting in to hurt or offend anyone with my views here, just sharing as I feel lead to bring light on what I think is the reality here on this occasion.
    Your brother

  10. Hi everyone

    I want to make clear that I do not teach my kids to swear. With kids being so black and white they do know when would be an okay time to use a so called swear word or not. they wouldn’t be able to work out who lives by the law and who lives by grace. So to project my kids from any rejection or judgement from those under the law I re-frame my kids from swearing and do not swear around them. if it was normal in culture and particularly christian culture, where we encourage our children to make friends, it would not be an issue.



  11. Good morning Family! I hope you don’t mind me changing the subject but something New happened in my journey yesterday!
    A complete stranger walked up to me while I was buying watermelons in SC and asked me an interesting question.”Are you a good church going Christian ?” I was puzzled!! Without thinking I replied. Why do you ask? To which He replied “I’m sorry ! There is a Glow about your face and I was wondering if that could be It?” To which I replied, No it’s all right, I would love to answer!
    I don’t go to church in a building, but God is my best friend and lives inside of me. Isn’t it increadable how much He loves us? To which He replied “yes, but it is difficult to except ” to which I replied. Yes accepting it is The key. That was all I was given to say and we exchanged a hand shake.
    The strange thing to me was I had said nothing to anyone about God, religion, or anything that could have been taken that way! I was dressed just Like everyone else there! Nothing on my tee-shirt or Hat would give what is inside away! I was Just buying watermelons for my market. Yet He picked Me out?????? Could it be That Words are far less important than we could ever imagine? Could it be that His kingdom is not so much about words, but all about the transforming power of Him loving us? I’m courios do people accuse you guys of glowing too lol? I would love to hear!!!

  12. hey harvey

    cool experience. I’m interested to know if this stranger was a christian themselve?

    I personally think harvey that actions can be more powerful than words. Words are important though, as the power of life and death is in the tongue (amongst other places). It is difficult to love complete strangers with words, but not impossible.

    Cheers harvey


  13. Harvey,

    Love your enthusiasm in sharing your experience. That’s amazing! I have never been accused of glowing, but I get more and more people telling me it is a pleasure talking to me, especially when I make business phone calls. And there’s this 4-year old boy, (he’s my co-worker’s son, so I see him at work quite a bit,) whenever he sees me anywhere, he yells out “Hi Sarah”. I have never paid special attention to him, and I’m still careful because his mom tells him to leave me alone, but even just thinking about him makes me smile. Whenever he can he’ll come running and give me a hug till his mom stops him. I really believe how we treat people speaks way louder than words, and somehow, the love of Father comes through once we learn to relax into his love. I know I am way more relaxed now in any situation, and I’m positive people sense that. They might not have any idea what they’re sensing, but I like to think Father is drawing people closer to him through me. It’s an incredible journey!

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