Believing Illusions (#817)

Kyle and Wayne begin with contemplating the question, "Does love let people suffer consequences for bad choices, or will it always intervene to mitigate them?" But they quickly turn to a conversation about what peple believe versus what is actually true. Truth is the gravity of his kingdom, not belief. What we believe only matters when it aligns with what's actually true. That's the journey for all of us, letting God untwist our speculations, misunderstandings, and illusions, so that we become more and more oriented to what's true about God, ourselves and the world he's placed us in. And, since none of us knows all truth, how do we hold our beliefs with the humility that allows us to keep growing and keep discovering?

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  1. Wayne and Kyle,
    Thank you for continuing to have these conversations. Truth, as you state is hope in Christ. It is our perception on truth that changes over time based upon experience and knowledge.
    I have been holding many things in suspense before God, and know one thing to be true – God is Love. He has led me to make decisions in getting the vaccine (first shot done) not because I believe it’s necessarily safe or the best option, but because I know it is what LOVE leads me to do in my individual circumstance. After I received the first shot, I was immediately sent news that a brother n law stroked after getting the second shot. This, I believe, was meant to instill fear in my decision, but it did the opposite for me. I know that my decision was routed in Love and therefore, foe me, was the right one. I am learning to hear the voice of the Father and in turn it’s shines a light on the enemy’s voice.

    Illusions and what is true – still unpacking but thankful for having older brothers on the journey to help guide some of these difficult discussions. Keep talking and sharing , Lesa

  2. Thank you for this timely podcast. My Christian friends are sending around a link on FB that cites a study done on mask-wearing which reads “There was no reduction in per-population daily mortality, hospital bed, ICU bed or ventilator occupancy of Covid-19 positive patients attributable to the implementation of a mask-wearing mandate.” I am not here to debate the accuracy of that study and I do try to hear the voice of others. But it is sent from the same friends who will not get a vaccination or wear a mask…friends with whom over the years we shared meals, performed weddings in their family, buried their loved ones, went on mission trips with and on and on. Our son is a doctor in residency currrently and the doctors are really struggling to find room for their patients in the hospitals. These doctors are long-suffering but some are ready to crack under the pressure. When I explained to my friend that this post on FB was troubling and divisive to me he said “then perhaps FB is not the right place for you.” I left that space even more perplexed because it seems his response may represent so many others. You said something here in your podcast that encourages me…”letting God untwist our misunderstandings and illusions so that we become more and more oriented to what’s true about God…and holding our beliefs with the humility that allows us to keep growing and keep discovering.” Thank you

  3. You and Kyle are two cool dudes.

    The topics that are discussed in this podcast are the ones I have been really thinking about lately . Some months back, I questioned my complete self to see if I am in the delusional crowd. The first thing I did was ask ABBA if He sent that delusion to me that I may believe “the lie.” I read the book 2 Thessalonians and paid really close attention to chapter 2. Goodness, it is so difficult to live today.

    I even looked up the definition of the words “fact” and “truth.” Even that was eye opening. Yeah, I went to the dictionary to check myself!!! What in the wide, wide, world of sports!! I prayed to ABBA to please continue to draw me to Him and not this world. One of the best decisions I have recently made was to stop watching the news and YouTube’s or whatever would get my focus and perspective/point of view off of God and back to the craziness that seems to be such constant “thing” in this world. I decided to allow the Comforter to comfort and guide me back to Papa. But, I must admit, the pull of this world can be overwhelming. One fact and truth I know is Papa is LOVE, LIFE, and TRUTH! This wisdom has sustained me of late more than anything.

    On another note, I pray that you and Kyle will stay encouraged. Please know that I appreciate these podcast. I realize the some folks may get “upset” with your way of thinking but keep going Men of God. Your honesty is refreshing…most of the time…


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