The Seductive Allure of Power (#605)

It seems the trend in our broken world is to grab as much power as one can get, then hold on to it at all costs even if you have to compromise your integrity and oppress others. Rarely do people have the grace to recognize the corrupting influence of power and resist it's corruption. What often starts for good ends up getting twisted to serve our own ambitions or personal comfort. In response to a listener email, Brad and Wayne contemplate why this always seems to be true even for the most well-meaning, and how we can as followers of Christ handle power and influence in a way that lifts up others rather than exploiting them.

Podcast Notes:
PBS Series on The Vietnam War
Helping with Agriculture in Pokot
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  1. I appreciate your recognition of the insidious nature of power and pride growing to the point of intoxication in so many of us, but especially in those in the religious role of being a pastor / king. I wish you would further discuss how the clergy / laity religious model promotes luke-warm followers of men, not God, and how the role of the Holy Spirit is usurped.

  2. What timing. Yesterday I spent a few hours in Boston at the JFK Pres library

    Needless to say his comments on the war were not part of the exhibit

    Look forward to watching the Ken Burns series

  3. Good topic.
    My draft lottery # was 173.
    I am on short trip to East African nation.
    Major issue in African countries is political corruption.
    United States is not much different…
    On every continent, politicians are the problem.
    Because their focus is on power and greed.

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