Free to Trust (#665)

When the greatest joy and peace comes from being free to trust the Father's love for us and his activity on our behalf, why is it so easy for us to lean away from him and trust our own ideas and efforts? Brad and Wayne explore what it is to grow in trust with God and try to help those who feel stuck in their capacity to do that. Where does trust come from? Is it an act of obedience, or is it the fruit of a relationship with him? They talk about desperation and how we tend to find it difficult to trust him when we are not challenged beyond our perception of our own abilities.

Podcast Notes:
The latest news from our project in Kenya


  1. Where can I find the post from Pamela that you read today? I would like a written copy to read it over again. It was a great post!

  2. Comment mentioned and linked above is well worth the time it takes to find and read….

  3. I have a sense of confidence that those who in the past have been moved by the spirit to give to help our brothers and sisters in Pokot, will continue to give. And as Wayne continues in faithfully sharing their story, more of their brothers in the west will begin to give as well.

    Brad, thank you for making us aware of the book; Chasing the Dragon, by Jackie Pullinger. In it, she asks a heroin addict, “What is Sin?”, the addict replied, “That’s simple. Sin is walking your own road.”

    In my early Christian days, it seemed like there was a lot of pressure to figure out what was and was not a sin, then just try really, really hard not to do those things. Most “churches” had their own list of what they classified as sins. And the inevitable problem with trying to cobble together our own modern-day touch-me-not list is that we all eventually find out that there will always be the unexpected thing that wasn’t on our list when we are “walking our own road,” where we usually end up “grabbing for ourselves what Father has not given us.”


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