Bringing All Things Together

The process of 'church' history has seemingly split Jesus' followers into increasingly smaller camps of believers—divided by ethnicity, social status, theological issues and personal preferences as to worship styles or teaching content. How does this square with the Father's stated purpose of summing up the end of the age by bringing all things together under one Head, even Christ? Brad and Wayne take a look at this paradox and discuss how we can be part of the process that brings the family together in love, rather than part of the process of hacking it up into ever smaller bits.


  1. Hey Wayne
    This podcast was great. I think I will listen again. 🙂 I don’t always agree with everything you and Brad say (believe it or not!) but what you were saying about the unity of Jesus’ body – and how anything added to HIM just gets us in trouble… and causes arguments, fights, and DISunity… that has been what I have wanted for the church for so, so long. My heart and mind were resonating with you as I listened to it tonight. Just wanted to let you know.

    I’m not trying to convince people to “do church” my way (mostly because I don’t HAVE a “way”!) 🙂 but I do wish – and even long for – a church that would just *be* the church. Nothing else to get in the way (worship services, buildings, or purpose-driven missions…) just living life with God and each other, sharing life in the kingdom as the family that he has made us.

    Rock on, “bro” 😉

  2. As I listen to this podcast on a Sunday morning, I believe the Holy Spirit somehow is bringing the bride of Christ together…as you guys point out– loving each other (without strings, without a titled box), living Christ, sharing the common affection of Him, sharing community, finding Jesus together, being at peace with each other, knowing who (and whose) we are, unconditional brotherhood, the truth is a person (not necessarily one’s interpretation of it/Him), simple friendship, Jesus loves even those who have “betrayed” us, true brothers can’t be vote out or be voted out of the family, God looks into and judges the thoughts and intent of the heart, celebrate the Truth, relationship with Christ, celebrate the uniqueness of each other, give up controlling each other, etc. Simple, yet profound is the love of our Father. Yes, we need to and must “be” the bride and be ready for His return especially at an hour we think not. May we be ready!

    Your brother,

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