Good Intentions Are Not Enough

Starting with the massacre at Virginia Tech and following up with a listener's question from their recent podcast on Purity Balls, Brad and Wayne discuss rites of passage for believing children and the current movement to make Ten Commandments Day a national holiday. The danger of religion is that it always preys on our best intentions to make us act in ways that turn out to be counterproductive even to what we hope they'll produce.

One Comment

  1. Regarding the idea if we placed the 10 Commandments everywhere it would help this nation to prevent tragedy and abide by the rules.

    All I have to say is that Speed Limit signs are everywhere, but that hasn’t prevented speeding at all. It’s just a standard to go by to know how much over the limit you are and possibly how much your ticket will be! I don’t think it’s a great deterrant, nor will the 10 Commandments be a great deterrant.

    It’s yet another way the Christian Culture has bought in the American/Western idea that we can control everything if we just try hard enough. Our safety is not guaranteed by any institution and looking to governments or system to do that is idolatry.

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