Nice Isn’t Better Than Honest

One of the great dilemmas for people who are finding fellowship in more relational settings is what to do about those who haven't learned how to prefer one another in the conversation. Instead of flowing with it they seek to co-opt it to advance their own agenda or try to force others into agreeing with them. At other times it seems people's unresolved pain expresses itself in abusive treatment of others. Part of the reason people prefer institutions is to have 'leaders' who can make the rules and police them to protect others. Without that safeguard, however, the body will need to learn how to speak truth lovingly so that we can all grow up in him, rather than scattering into our own isolated journeys.

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  1. Hi Wayne and Brad,

    I have loved the two recent pod-casts, especially what Brad had to share with regards to his and Kelly’s involvement with their very young children and how it is all about the ongoing dynamics of family living-living with one another.
    Not sure if you have seen/read this article written by Jim Porter, author of Divine Nobodies, but bothy my wife and I thought it very much addressed some of what you were discussing.
    It was entitled ‘Jaded’

    Richard TLH

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