A Beloved Child of a Gracious Father (#717)

What defines your identity? Do you see yourself through your talents or vocation, your sexual orientation or some role you play in society, or by your brokenness or your worst moments? Kyle Rice once again joins Wayne for a conversations about the relentless quest for identity and how it may be an echo of the Fall. Is our desire for validation, or our competitions to think ourselves the best at something trying to cover up for the glory we abandoned when we made our own desires more important than what's true?  Being the beloved child of a gracious Father navigating through a broken world is all the identity we need to live fruitfully in the world. Kyle and Wayne also talk about the value of having caring relationships with brothers and sisters further in the journey to help us come to rest in God's reality.

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  1. It is very hard to figure out what is the truth in any ones life to some degree. The Bible leaves many unanswered questions into play as to where we stand or should stand. In the old testament it seems like there are only one group of people who will survive and it seems like the rest of the world is doomed.
    Like the people if any in those days like the United States , Canada, Mexico and so forth.
    Then we have Cain who killed his brother and God sends him to a different land and places. A mark on him but then he married a women and I’m sitting here wondering where did she come from who made her I thought there was only Adam and Eve to begin the human race

    Then we have the tree of life in the middle of Eden a fruit not to be touched by Adam or Eve.
    Why did God put that there for some temptation if they hadn’t eaten of the fruit I’m sure one of the kids would have probably. Who knows.
    I’m only saying this because the beginning of the story is either wrong and there are to many missing pieces without enough information to some degree for any one to come to some conclusion.
    These are just thoughts like there are over 4000 different religious groups in the world today claiming they are on Gods right side.

    These are just thoughts with no answers .

    • Hi Ray,

      I like what a beloved saint from New Zealand said to me years ago. “I’ve discovered that the Bible is clear about important things and where it isn’t clear it’s not important.” Love that. Just remember Genesis wasn’t written to answer “what” in scientific terms, it was meant to answer why. I don’t share many of the interpretations you’ve expressed above, but we do have over 4000 different denominations because of varying interpretations of Scripture because they have put the Scriptures above knowing Christ and following him. Jesus isn’t confused. He doesn’t have a thousand different interpretations of reality. By growing to know him we can grow more settled in his truth and more loving toward every person on the planet.

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