A Better Way to Love

The new year begins. Some take this as a time to reflect on their lives to take stock of the past and make resolutions for the future. Brad and Wayne discuss their approach to the new year, before turning to the mailbag and ending up in a discussion of how best do we love people whose life choices don't conform to God's will. Being the lead dog on someone else's journey, even if its your own children, can be destructive to them and you. Those who love learn to walk alongside those they might disagree with instead of trying to lord over them to change their behavior.

Here is the Time article Wayne referred to: Smart Parents, Happy Children. If you still want to help with our Orphanage Relocation in Kenya, you can get more information at the link. Православни икони


  1. Hey guys, Just for what it’s worth. To me it’s not about our behavior or some degree of deliverance from “sin” or about any “consequences” of what we do or don’t do. It’s all about “being” free to return HIS love through those we love as best we can. Somehow to me, to rank our “sins” or their consequences totally misses GOD’S grace and what JESUS has done and is doing in our hearts and minds. Gman.

  2. The best advice you guys consistently give is that as we live more loved in the world the more His Love is shed abroad especially to our families and children. As opposed to here are the principles we follow about pot and homosexuality. I love the way Brad is encouraging Jarod to think his own thoughts about his friend smoking pot. I know that terrifies most believers. To use a Wayne & Brad phrase “isn’t God bigger than this” and isn’t it sweet how God has won this dad (Brad) into trusting God with Jarod and ultimately someone else’s kiddo. very cool. Wonderful to see how freedom really is the gift that keeps on giving. LOL

  3. These days, it’s easy to confuse “passion for an issue” and “compassion for a person”. Here’s the difference for me:

    When I care about an issue, the side I take matters.

    When I care about a person, only the person matters.

    Jesus came to redeem people, not argue the issues. As I walk with Him in this issue-laden culture, I have to remind myself of that.

  4. What I find so refreshing about this episode (and podcast in general) is the refusal to allow The God Journey to become it’s own “denomination.” I was so encouraged to hear Wayne say that they weren’t interested in stating what the “right way” is to respond to a particular issue or topic. For those of us healing from abusive church doctrinal, “this is right-this is wrong,” hearing your conversation on this is life-giving. This podcast was a great reminder, like Ken said above me, that GOD is concerned with people and not with issues.

  5. I’m with Stephen. I appreciate the lack of an attempt at crafting a cage to keep everyone in line. Especially thankful since I’m on the other side of so many issues, like the gay thing and the pot smoking thing. Yet I don’t feel threatened.

    I’m trying to move my life to a place where there is no impetus to win anyone to my point of view. I simply want to live my life day by day for Jesus.

  6. I totally ‘agree’, Gman!!!!!!

    Whatever is in our hearts is going to come out no matter what— and that’s why Jesus died, because it IS ok!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s grace!! Is it finished on the cross!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do we have to grow up still?


    Is that easy for anyone??? No…… it’s the hardest and best thing we’ll ever do (I mean that’s casting off all fears and accepting ourselves and others as they are and as our Father has allowed– to work out His purposes– in ALL of our lives…………… it’s ALL from HIM!!!

    In Christ,

  7. (p.s. of course this is only the tip of the iceberg of His Grace and Love and Mercy…….. He will do EXCEEDINGLY, ABUNDANTLY ABOVE ANYTHING we can EVER HOPE OR IMAGINE……..

    and last time I checked, HOPE DOES NOT DISAPPOINT :)!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3)

    All the Best,

  8. and I want to add that I do not know much of what I’m talking about! but God is starting to show me…… I know SO LITTLE- but that’s okay!!

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