Hope for Healing in a Divided World (#779)

Celebrating the one-year anniversary of their collaboration on a book called A Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation, Wayne invites his coauthors Arnita Taylor and Bob Prater back to the podcast. . In the ensuing year, our nation has grown even more polarized through COVID, a contentious election, and fresh pleas for racial justice. In the aftermath of the 2020 election, the three authors converse about the state of our country following the election and their reflections on the way we as individuals can depolarize our thinking and our relationships with others, especially those on the other side of the political or racial divide. As the book says, courage and compassion can still change the world if we can find enough love for all humanity, not just those who look and think like us.

Podcast Notes:
Pre-order Live Loved Free Full, Wayne's newest book
John Voight's post-election threats
A Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation
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  1. How many people were waiting for Wayne to say, “…before you wreck yourself!” when he stated, “If you get upset after people state an opinion contrary to yours, and see it as a personal attack, you need to check yourself.”

  2. Hello Wayne
    Thanks for the podcast.
    I’ve just looked for the book and was pointed to Amazon UK and scrolling down, I hit the ‘related to this topic’ thread. The first book suggested: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix; the 2nd book: Barack Obama’s autobiography!
    One wonders how the AI drew those together.

    • That’s hilarious. I’ll never figure out Amazon’s algorithms. But I think it has more to do with books they want to sell than helping either the author sell his book or the consumer find what suits them best. Amazon has taken over the world, and I’m sure we’ll all come to regret it.

  3. Very good discussion. I would love to see some comments from Trump supporters.

    It’s hard to understand after the last 4 years how anyone could vote for Trump again. Kids in cages … so sad. Like a friend said never mind counting down days to xmas , I’m counting down the days when Trump is finally out.

    I say this sincerely …would love to see comments from Trump supporters.

  4. I won’t drop your podcast. I’m hungry for help to process and handle the political/racial/unbecoming church realm we live in these days.
    You exude the grace I need to do that – and offer graceful zingers to put out there when discussions come up.

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