The Guilt-Free No (#871)

Without the freedom to say no, authenticity will be swallowed up by obligation when people want something from you. How do you know when saying " No thank you" is being selfish and when it allows you not to be trapped by others?  Once again, Sara joins Wayne and Kyle for an update on their travels, both physically and spiritually, and they find themselves also talking about the freedom of being genuine, holding the pain of others without taking responsibility to fix them, embracing how special we are to God without elevating ourselves above others.

Podcast Notes:
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  1. Hi Kyle, Sara and Wayne…taking a moment to let you know that as Father is processing/helping me to process my journey, your conversations have been very helpful. Blessings, Sue

  2. In trying to understand the impact of trauma I have read all of Dr. Dan Allender’s books which I highly recommend. I have also read “The Body Keeps the Score” and “Try Softer”. But a few months ago I started to listen to Adam Young’s podcast The Place We Find Ourselves. There are 122 episodes and I started at the beginning. I thought I knew much of what was out there regarding trauma but these podcasts shed a whole new light on things for me. I can’t say I always agree with Adam Young, and there are times I turn it off and tell my husband I am not listening to it anymore. But then my curiosity always draws me back and I continue to listen. I often ask myself “What is there that others know that I am not seeing here?” This is not meant to pressure you to add yet another podcast but if you ever had time in the future to listen to it I’d be interested in your thoughts. It was so good to hear Sarah on your podcast today. Thank you.

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