With You, God Is Pleased!

Both the cruelty of the world and the conformity demands of religion teach us to live inside a shell of our own self protection and only present to others the illusion we think they want to see. Shame and fear combine to make us feel lost and isolated in the world, unable to be who God simply made us to be. Wayne and Brad find themselves talking about how God is not waiting for us to crawl out of our brokenness before initiating relationship with us, but that the Incarnation itself testifies to his desire to crawl into our shell with us, and as he wins us into his affection, to invite us out of it without fearing how others might respond. He has always been pleased with his creation and seeking to win it back into his wholeness.

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  1. My heart was “warmed” as I listened to this..I really enjoyed the comments about “relaxing into the process”…So much of the time I have been consumed with what I thought the “product” should be looking like by now.I am finding so much joy just embracing the process!! I guess maybe this is what you call joy in the journey!:)

  2. And you know, I was just thinking yesterday that we don’t want to be in people’s pain with them. We tend to want to throw empty platitudes at them as though it will make their problem go away. What we’re doing is distancing ourselves in an effort to make ourselves comfortable. That’s why I so love Jesus. Like one of you said, He’s an “ever-present help” and He’s acquainted with my sorrows like no one else and never once have I had Him say something that ended up hurting me more than it helped.

  3. I was raised to judge others based upon the nature of their pain. When I have had my own pain, I felt judged by God and others, only adding to the sense of isolation. To begin to grasp He was with me back then as well as now, WoW! I do not have to be sinless or painfree to allow His love in!

  4. This “God Journey” has been a true blessing. This, some books, and friends who are out of the system are slowly starting to make me believe the the Father actually really digs me!

  5. Once again it is so good to hear people talk about things you come across on the journey with the Lord, this time about being honest and truthful.
    It really struck me this thing about being honest, when I read again the episode with the women at Jacob’s well. When she told what she was up to (5 husbands etc) Jesus recommended her for that, “This you spoke correctly”. And a little bit later He is point blank revealing Who is to this adulterous-truthful women. It seems to me that if you want to be close to Someone who is the truth it really helps to be truthful. God bless you all on your journey with the one and only Shepherd. Thanks W & B.

  6. Appreciate your shared conversation Brad and Wayne. I’m thinking or writing “out loud” here…seems that we have to hear the same things said over and over before it sinks in. I do understand that children also learn that way. They love to hear stories repeated and repeated. Learning to view sin and repentance as an intimate process that the Shepherd walks us through rather than the “beating” approach is incredibly refreshing. Thanks Wayne for the comment “if you feel beaten up…run from that!” So good to be reminded that I am far from alone in what I’m learning and processing.

  7. I am so thankful for this episode of The God Journey. Over the past several weeks, I’ve been feeling quite alone and disconnected. I keep wondering what I must do to get to where I really sense that God is with me and that He is actively loving me.

    I’m even afraid to admit that, at times, I wonder… what if I’ve been so wrong about everything I have ever been taught about God that perhaps I’m wrong to believe that He does exist. I ask God to show me every day that He loves me, but I still feel the same, unchanged.

    However, in reality, I am very much being changed. Every day, I do sense a calling to commit to less and to stop being so driven by my fear of not being provided for. I sense a calling to TRUST in HIM for my every need.

    Then, at times, I feel that maybe “that’s what I NEED TO DO to feel loved…” to trust Him more. However, the more I listen, the more that I keep hearing this message that I need to stop TRYING TO DO and that I should simply trust that God WILL DO what needs to be done in me.

    I started this journey into freedom from the religious tyranny back in September of 2011. My life is a great deal better today than it was back then. I am still very much mourning the passing of a very dear friend of mine, who was instrumental in helping me to find this path and I’m sure that his passing has added to my feeling of loneliness.

    When he died, I talked with God, telling Him that David made me feel loved. My friend, David, would tell me how much God was pleased with me, he would point out things that he recognized from my life, that I failed to see from my perspective, that gave evidence that God was actively working on my heart and doing a great work through me.

    It was the book “So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore” and “Redeeming Love,” along with the encouragement of a few friends that helped me understand that I had traded my relationship with Jesus in for three very different relationships 1) A relationship with the institution 2) A relationship with information about God and 3) A relationship with a moral code of conduct.

    As I write this, eight months after deciding to live out the freedom that Christ came to provide to me, I’m reading through Wayne’s book “He Loves Me.” I’m 78% of the way through the book on my Kindle and it looks like the next section is titled “A Lifetime of Learning to Trust.”

    Part of me wishes there was just something I could do, some special prayer that I could pray, or some sacrifice that I could make to get into the center of God’s love for me. Or I guess I am already living there, I simply wish that I could “feel it” or “comprehend it” or Whatever!

    Instead… I still feel alone. Yes, even a bit frustrated at times. And even sad…

    Yet, this episode encouraged me so much because the whole episode seemed to talk about a whole group of people who are also struggling with this same process.

    I’ve come to the place where I feel that I can trust Wayne and Brad and I feel very much that they are aware of a reality that I’m not yet aware of. A reality where I can know that God absolutely loves me, that He’s actually THRILLED WITH ME and that He really does want me to trust in Him for my ever need and stop worrying so much about what I need TO DO NEXT!

    I appreciate this ministry so much!

  8. Hi Cliff…read your post with a lot of “bells ringing” for me. I “accidentally” heard Wayne interviewed September 2009 when he was in my area and there was the hype of the Shack book. I say this accident with tongue in cheek b/c that started me to begin exploring this journey of knowing God as Father and knowing Him in a much more intimate way. I agree that after 2 (almost 3 years) for me there are still times when I feel sad and frustrated. I am slowly coming around to the point of being “gratefully disillusioned” b/c if there were an easy formula to follow…the life in a relationship with Him would be gone. This is about an invitation rather than Him forcing us into a particular place. Seems that b/c we’re all unique this process is unique for each one. So glad that we can follow the Shepherd and not Wayne, Brad or any other human being. The encouragement of the podcast is wonderful and I appreciate very much. Relationships with others who share our frustrations and joys are better built by Father than if we try to plan them. I also am so sorry for the loss of your friend David. May you be given all that you need in the way the Shepherd knows how to provide.

  9. Thank you so much Sue! It is so encouraging to know that others are on this journey. I’m so thankful for the number of other folks that he’s brought into my life that are on this journey as well. It is weird to “feel alone” but be surrounded by so many people who are this feeling that there is so much more to God’s love for us than what we’ve been taught.

    I appreciate your response!

  10. Cliff,
    I can so relate to the not feeling it. there have been experiences in my life, Ways that God has provided for me that make it undeniable to me that He does love me right where I am. I am still very forgetful though.. Right now going through some very hard personal relationship stuff and it has brought me back to the realization that I do need Him and I wish so much to feel like I know that He is pleased with me again, even though I fall so short every 10 minutes it seems..
    I hope you stay strong and I hope I can too, That we can get it into our hearts that He is so pleased with us, exactly where we are right now….

    • Shuan, Thank you so much for your response. You know… it’s crazy that I ever I not only doubt God at all. I too am very forgetful and even just now, I’m being reminded of the multiple times that God’s simply tried to knock me right up side the head to get my attention by clearly demonstrating His love for me and showing me his great provision.

      Sometimes, I even forget the AMAZING STORY about the circumstances behind what happened that this letter showed up in my mailbox…. See this link: http://share.gspn.tv/8uNH/o

      I pray that you make it through through the personal relationship stronger than ever before!

  11. You asked why people are not honest with their flaws. The answer is people don’t want to see your junk. By this I mean, if you show reality, which is we all have issues, people see you as not arrived. They see you as weak. However, if you act as though you got it all it together, then people see you as spiritual, as having a good relationship with God, and worthy to be heard. But when those of us live with our junk on our sleeves, people see us as less than spiritually. They see us having a poor relationship with God. It’s irritating , and and insult to the world who connects with those of us who are real, and despise those who don’t. It’s why the world attacks the church as it does. They are dying to see that God loves us–flaws and all.

    Now to be like Him, that is the journey. But as was said, it is His love for us, for me, as I am, that changes us. Only love can change the heart and mind. But when people see us imperfect, but on that journey, then they can connect with what God did on the cross.

    I agree we need to love others as Christ loved us. Having said this, there has to be boundaries. By this I mean, let’s not allow a place for abuse, which sadly happens. Now we can still love from a distance. I have asked God many times to show me a person’s heart, the person who has deeply hurt me and/or abused me, and God can and does. This has helped me understand and fine compassion for that person, but not allow that person into my life. This is for my protection, as is needed.

    Great message, though. It is so well needed. Truly what is needed for all of us to connect together, and grow closer to God is just being real. Our pits are our times of needed God, and others. Also, it is a time that God can, and likely use, to assist someone else that will go through something similar.

    My biggest prayer is that people will se that God has dealt with sin with the Cross. It’s a dead issue. He is now interested to heal the wounds sinful actions have done to us, both our own, and others. It’s only in being honest with that pain that opens the door for God to do so.

  12. I have really enjoyed this podcast, and listened to it lots.
    The last so many weeks, I have come to realize my relationship with Papa has deepened, and it is such a joy to talk to Him about everything. A couple of days ago, I started struggling with periods of almost panic attacks (anxiety, fear, worry) it seem to happen more when I’m tired. It’s not like I don’t feel these feeling, it just they seem to have intensified. I am wondering if Papa is bringing me into a place of greater healing. What makes this not overwhelming is that I know I can talk to Him when I in this. And I’m started to know He’s with me and is going to love me out of it.

    I know this is off topic, but I really want to ask this. And I don’t really have someone to talk about this with. So here it is.
    I am a young adult and have started commutating with a guy on an online dating site. I’m not sure how to ask this, maybe this will help. Here what he said. “I’m in a bible study and go to church. I’m friends with Jesus”.
    And this. “I am looking for someone who loves Jesus”.
    The thing I’m nerves about is, I have not been going to a “church” for months, and I don’t want to say that outright, I don’t want to scare him away. But I would answer him if he asked me a direct question a about it. I didn’t say anything about not going to a “church” on my profile.
    Here what said.

    My relationship with Papa (God) is very important, that Papa is always with me and I’m never alone, even in the darkest and most painful times, I know he will crawl in there with me and love me through it. His loving me, gently untwists the things that got tangled and distorted and brings greater healing, freedom and life.
    My favourite books are He Loves Me by Wayne Jacobsen and A Man Like No Other, the illustrated life of Jesus. I also enjoy listening to The God Journey podcasts.

    And this.

    Looking for a man who is realizing how much God loves him, will love me, and loves being on the land. And in that order.
    I am looking for a relationship where we commit to love each other as we mature and change through the years.

    So I’m not sure if he knows what The God Journey is or if he’s heard about it or read Wayne’s stuff.
    He hasn’t said anything or asked about it. So he could just not know what it is.

    Maybe my question would be this. Would the relationship be unequally yoked if we aren’t on the some page or ever chapter? I really don’t know yet where his relationship with God is at, like I said, I just started commutating with him.
    Is there any red flags I need to watch out for? It would be really nice to hear you guys thoughts on this.


  13. Hi Hannah,
    I hope I am not out of line by answering your question, but I’m an older woman who has been through much. My advice may sound untrusting, but sadly there are many unkind folks out there. For starters, maybe pull back on some of your information you have posted. It can become a feed into how to talk to you by providing what they think you want to hear.

    Give it time and go ever so slowly. if you become interested in this young man, do a background check. Yes, pay for it. My cousin met her husband online, but she did so many checks on this guy just to make sure he is who he says he is.

    Red flags to watch out for is does he sound to good to be true? Does he sound too perfect? These are HUGE red flags. Some people are really good are reading others and say exactly what they want to hear.

    What is his past? Everyone has junk in their past on some level, but if he is being super secretive then be careful. What is he trying to hide?

    If he wants to rush and meet you, again be careful. Get to know his voice.

    He says he goes to church, which one? For how long? Why? That last question sounds stupid, but the truth is going to church doesn’t mean you have a relationship with Jesus. I had a few guys that “went to church” but I question if they ever knew Jesus.

    As for you not going to church, that is between you and God. I haven’t been in a church (that being the building) in years. Having said this, I just had church with my friends the other day. Everyone has their own journey they are on with God, which leads me to answer your question. You won’t be exactly on the same page with anyone because we are all learning different things at different times. It is important to agree on the basics, such as who Jesus is to you, and His place in your life. Other things such as believing in tongues , healing and the like are also helpful. But my friends and I are on different paths so to speak. One goes to church, the rest of us don’t. We get different lessons from God on different timetables. But we respect each other and do agree on the fundamentals.

    But please, remove some of your information you have posted. This way you have room for discovery, and you can allow the other person to reveal his true heart versus guessing at yours.

    I hope this makes sense. If you want to e-mail me personally please feel free to do so. as@alexisscheelphotography.com. I remember what it was like to be a new Christian and you sound as though you have such a loving heart for God, and it is refreshing to see.

  14. When I said “It would be really nice to hear you guys thoughts on this” I meant everyone, so feel free to reply.

    Thanks for writing, you have given me a lot to think about. Oh and I’m not really a new christian, I have grown up going to “church”, so I’m more going through a detox from all that religious language and other stuff.
    And I just wanted to let you know, I changed my profile.

    • Glad to hear I didn’t overstep. =) And I totally understand the need to detox from religion. I actually went through a time of not even believing in Jesus. I believed that there was a God, but was unsure of Jesus. At the time I didn’t realize that what I was rejecting wasn’t Jesus but the fake Jesus religion created for me. It was hard for those around me, but it was the best thing that could have happened. I now see God and Jesus in a whole new and stronger light than ever before.

      I apologize for assuming; shouldn’t have assumed you were a newbie. But good to hear you changed your profile. It’s a shame that people can be cruel. Hopefully this guy is the real deal. Love to hear how it goes. Feel free to keep in touch. Love to hear from you. =)

  15. I really appreciated your comments in this episode. I’ve been doing a podcast for the last 4 months and the episode I released to was entitled “Is The Church Obsolete?” A lot of what you said here connects with the direction God has been leading me in my podcast. I passionately convinced that there is more to the spiritual journey than the local church will allow. In Christ we have an unlimited spiritual universe to explore, but the religious leadership is afraid to lose their control over the flock. I know Christ is pleased with your voice and your call to believers to grab hold of Christ alone, and follow Him only. I say Amen, and Amen!

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