Notes from the Journey

Brad and Wayne catch up on a lot of listener emails and gives them a chance to hear from people at various stages of this journey, from the pain of being disillusioned to the joy of recognizing God's love and life flowing through them in a fresh way. At each point Brad and Wayne offer their encouragement as to how to stay focused on God and let him take them through to greater freedom and joy.


  1. Regarding the woman who was feeling the pain of isolation. I’ll borrow a phrase I heard once that has meaning for me “sometimes in life you’ll feel like it’s only you and God.” It feels like a bad thing when it’s happening, but for me I look back on those times as the bedrock of my relationship with Him. Those are the times I have to dig deep, ask the hard questions, and decide what it’s all about for me. He always gives the answers. Be patient and hang in there.

  2. Dear Wayne,
    Just getting to this archive, many have spoken deeply to me, this one in particular. The person who wrote in about not feeling like one of God’s kids; I know that feeling! After listening to The God Journey for a few months now, I wonder why I put God in a category of handing out cruel judgment and harsh punishment, not at all the Papa God I’ve come to know. Although I’m still getting to know Him!
    Still in a congregational Church, it is very difficult to hear how if we are not going around the world or at least standing on the corners of our city passing out tracts that our very salvation may be in jeopardy.
    I have developed a habit of thanking God each morning for the day, for people and situations of this day, this morning I told Him; let me do something today that will make You proud of me..I heard in my mind; I’ve never been prouder of you! Now that is my Papa!! That doesn’t sound like a God who bases our love on what we are doing for Him!
    Thank you for your ministry! Just Jan

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