The Freedom Not To Have It All Figured Out

As Wayne and Brad respond to a recent flood of reader comments and letters, they wander into a discussion about the challenge of living in Jesus without having all the details figured out or having the results of our circumstances guaranteed. Our safety is not found in our plans being fulfilled but in our growing friendship with Jesus. When our confidence is vested in him alone we will be able to navigate the ruggedness and uncertainty of the journey with his wisdom and grace.


  1. I heard a man say recently…“One of the ways that you can find out that you are headed into bondage is when someone is trying to make you feel spiritual by understanding God.”

    I don’t believe that there is anything wrong with increasing our understanding, especially of the finished work of Christ but it is good to know that our relationship with Him doesn’t depend on how much we know and that we are free from all obligations. I’m just glad I know Him.

  2. Just finished listening to your podcast….Sounds like you guys barely have any time to do anything else but follow up on emails…

    OK, Wayne and Brad, I don’t believe that you don’t have any control over things or don’t know where you are going. How can anyone who has THAT many websites, weblogs, books, ebooks, cd’s and emails and NOT have any control over what he is doing. You know, you talked about it at the end of the podcast. Or maybe you two were just joking. I am really bummed now. We have been hoping Wayne and Brad had some ANSWERS to life as we know it “out of the box”, and now you are telling us you don’t know where you are going, or what will happen?

    You know you could have turned these podcasts into something like “Wayne’s World” or “Wayne and
    Brad’s Excellent Adventure”….you could have had an EFFECT on people. You could have really BEEN somebody FAMOUS (sorry about all the capitals, my computer won’t put stuff in bold, it looks kind of like I am shouting). Instead you are just sitting there giggling and talking about stuff OTHER people write in about and then saying you don’t have a plan? Its just not good enough…..

    You are just going to have to sit down and write one. A plan. I don’t care if its not about God. Just write one OK? Then you can read it out on air one day, and we can all rest easy. I am sorry, but when you are talking to “ex-club members”, the word control is very important. WE NEED YOU TO HAVE A PLAN. In fact we need you to have a plan for us as well. That way when we listen to you we will know where WE are going also. We can then all look like successful contributing members of society instead of no hopers. Thats an Australian term meaning useless….

    Its alright…..I am good now…..I just had a bit of a melt down over the….well you know.

    Have a nice day!

  3. Meg,
    I am wrting 4 yrs later. I hope you see now that god has the plans. We have more like something called an agenda. But in my case they rarely work out.

  4. He that is born of the spirit is like the wind. You can’t tell where he’s going or where he’s coming from. I think don’t think it is that you can’t have plans, you just have to be constantly looking for God to lead you or see him in the current (allowing him to change your plans daily).

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